The Agents
Of Change


I started AOC for a simple reason: I was attending and speaking at digital marketing conferences around the country in places like New York, LA, and Vegas. These events changed my approach to marketing and helped me grow my business. But rarely did I run into another Mainer.

So I decided to throw a conference, but here in Maine, the state I call home. I invited the friends I had made along the way to speak at the conference and share their ideas with my fellow marketers and business owners here in Maine.

Soon after, I added our digital marketing podcast so that I could continue to learn from–and share the ideas of–these digital marketing experts on the topics of Search, Social, and Mobile marketing.

And in 2024, we added in a virtual summit! An opportunity to bring together dozens of experts into a lollapalooza of digital marketing discovery, and making it accessible for all!

We’ve recently expanded the team to include Neuro, AI, and Blockchain, but the mission remains the same: empower people to take control of their own marketing and business…to become, an Agent of Change.

Rich Brooks
Agency Director


Through our annual conference, weekly podcast, and now our virtual summit, our mission is to deliver new ideas and insights so that you can take your career and your company to the next level.


The AOC stage has seen some of the biggest names in digital marketing over the years, sharing their best-kept secrets with our audience.

If you’re worn out on webinars and Zoom gives you the zzz’s, then the AOC conference is just what you need to jump start your career or your business.

Back after a three-year hiatus, this year’s event on 10/9 and our day of Deep Dive Workshops on 10/10 will keep you ahead of the curve and at the top of your game.

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You’re busy, and sometimes it’s hard to fit it all in. With digital marketing, there’s always something new: an emerging social media platform, a change in an algorithm, or a technology that’s suddenly “everywhere.” (Hello, AI!)

That’s why we started the AOC podcast. Each week you’ll get expert advice delivered to your computer, mobile device, or smart speaker. We cover a wide range of platforms and strategies, but always with the same goal: helping you reach and engage more of your ideal customers.

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We believe in the power of leveraging digital marketing for your business, and so we want to make it accessible for everyone…no excuses!

We’re bringing together dozens of today’s best digital marketing experts for a 3-day online event, and we’re making it free for all! That’s right, there’s no cover charge for our summit, and you can watch all 30 sessions at absolutely no cost.

For those of you who are looking for more, and watch to watch the sessions more than once or on your own schedule, we have some very affordable packages that will work for almost any size budget.

But if you’re looking to grow professionally or generate more business, you’ve got no excuse not to attend!

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The Agents of Change is powered by flyte new media, a digital agency located in Portland, Maine.

While the mission of AOC is to empower you to do your best work, we also realize that you can’t always do it alone. Our brand experts, designers, developers, and digital marketers work as an extension of you and your team, delivering expertise, advice, and positive ROI.

If you’re looking for a partner in building your company, schedule a free consult today.