Long live search!

Search was an obvious choice for the original line up of The Agents of Change. For most businesses, search is the primary driver of qualified website traffic, leads, and sales.

Search covers so many potential topics and opportunities for marketers: organic search, local search, paid search, voice search, video optimization, content creation, and more.

If we want to attract new business, if we want to be found by people who have never heard of our business, we need to understand search. 

Originally designed as a sea captain, discovering new lands during a time when search engine optimization was relatively easy, Search now plumbs the ocean depths, needing to dive deeper to uncover those same search results. There’s more competition, more frequent algorithm changes, and more companies recognize the ROI that SEO can bring them. 

If you are responsible for attracting new prospects and generating leads, Search must be part of your game plan. 

Check out interviews with SEO experts on topics such as keyword research, Local SEO tactics, Paid Search, YouTube optimization, content marketing, and more.