Even though she (it?) is one of the new members of The Agents of Change, AI—Artificial Intelligence—has been part of our marketing for years.

It’s propelled the search and social algorithms that shape our online lives, and powers the ad platforms of Google, Meta, and other platforms that allow us to target and reach new prospects.

However, it’s behind-the-scenes work was pushed into the spotlight with the public release of ChatGPT. Suddenly, people saw the power and the potential of AI in our every day lives.

As marketers, we can tap into these new tools to help us create more valuable content, be more efficient with our time, and get more done with less work. But what are the potential pitfalls of this emerging technology? 

Whatever we may think about AI, we must ignore our prejudices and seek to understand how we can use it ethically to grow our business and serve our audience.

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