And we’re all living in it.
Back in 2012, the inclusion of the Mobile Agent in the Agents of Change lineup may have surprised some.

Back then, most of the world’s web traffic was delivered to desktop devices. Only 9% of websites were mobile ready. Many that were mobile-friendly weren’t responsive, using a mobile sub-domain to serve up a different experience to smartphone users. Most Facebook users accessed the platform on desktops as well.

But here at AOC we saw the writing on the wall, and today we find ourselves surrounded by mobile devices.

As marketers and entrepreneurs–as Agents of Change–we need to recognize and take advantage of the power that mobile provides us. A direct channel to our prospects and customers that is rarely more than an arm’s reach away.

Our websites, our social media profiles, our SMS messages, our videos, and our podcasts are all delivered to these powerful, pocket-sized devices. Many of our customers prefer mobile for communication. And as always, we need to meet them where they are.

If you’re looking to reach more of your ideal customers through your digital marketing, make sure that Mobile is part of your plan. 

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