A new recruit to the Agents of Change, really Neuro has been here all along. 

No matter how well you rank at the search engines, how often you post to social media, or how quickly your website loads, if you don’t understand what makes your customers tick, you’re not going to succeed. 

Neuro is all about understanding the psychology of your prospects and customers. It’s about understanding what words and images will get them to lean in or to back off. No matter how technologically advanced our marketing channels become, at the end of the day we’re still talking to people just like us…people who have fears, dreams, and ideas that can both hold them back and propel them forward.

Neuro is a true Agents of Change, in that she understands how difficult change actually is, and nurtures people towards finding a solution that works for them. Ignoring Neuro in developing your marketing strategy is like leaving a key ingredient out of a souffle: your results will fall flat.

Check out interviews with neuromarketing experts to find out what makes people tick, and how you can help them succeed while growing your own business.