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What Your Customer Can’t Tell You – Melina Palmer

Humans make 35,000 decisions every day. So once we understand that the way in which we present information makes a difference in what people are going to choose, it suddenly takes marketing our brand or products to a whole new level.   Using techniques such as anchoring, priming and reciprocity, Melina Palmer from The Brainy Business, explains how… Read more »

The Five Step Process to Creating Videos That Engage Your Audience – Krista Mashore

Video is critical to your digital advertising, social media, and your sales funnels. With so many of your potential customers scrolling platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you’ll need to create videos that get attention.   But what goes into a video that’s going to not only stop the scroll, but create awareness, interest, desire, and action? Krista Mashore is… Read more »

What Ads Work for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey? – Brendan Hughes

Whether you call it the “buyer’s journey” or the “sales funnel”, the messaging for each stage needs to be appropriate. Discover what type of messaging and ads work for awareness, consideration, and decision.   Brendan Hughes of Optily shares with us what works and what doesn’t, and how to attribute your sales to the right message and the… Read more »