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Marketing and The Science of Behavioral Change – Sean Doyle

If you’re a baseball fan, you know that for the pitcher, pitching isn’t just about their arm speed. There are far more processes that must all come together to make a pitcher effective. And so the same can be said for sales and marketing. Most people aren’t struggling with their sales departments. What’s happening is… Read more »

How to Build Relationships Online…The Right Way – Annelise Worn

Business relationships are obviously different than personal relationships, but both are very important. In life, we look to connect with people that share similar interests, live close to us, or have kids the same age as us. But how do we go about initiating relationships with businesses, and more importantly, what criteria do you use… Read more »

The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Reels – Sue B. Zimmerman

There’s no better time to explore how your small business can use Instagram Reels as a part of your marketing strategy. Reels is the newest way for you to create entertaining 15-second multi-clip videos with lots of new and creative tools to help you drive traffic and sales. Take it from The Instagram Expert herself,… Read more »