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How Agents of Change Take a Work Sabbatical
The Agents of Change

After 21 years in business, I finally decided to take a sabbatical. If you’ve been wondering if you can take a sabbatical, or how to make it happen, I’ll share my process in this episode!

And, if you’re not sure why you should take a sabbatical, I’ll share with you why I’m taking mine, and maybe it will resonate with you.




  • Roadtrip 1997 

  • Why? 

    • Family: 

      • divorce; guilt over not being w/my girls all the time 

      • Road trip seemed like the most impactful way to create memories.  

    • Work: 

      • 1st sabbatical after 21 years 

      • 50; full of energy and passion, but for how long? 

      • Time to recharge those batteries. 

    • Personal and professional growth: 

      • Evolution of my business 

      • Someday offer the same to employees 

    • How? 

      • Create a plan 

      • Prep yourself and your team (and your clients if possible) 

      • Delegate 

      • Have a point person while you’re away, some sort of hierarchy 

      • Do a dry run 

      • Decide how much unplugging you’re actually going to do 

      • Not checking email (read your autoresponder) 

      • Not sure about social 

      • Did plan out the podcasts 

    • The planning 

      • Money 

        • Cheaper than hotels. Buying (used) was cheaper than renting.  

        • Also set aside money into a new account that is earmarked for this trip 

        • Put speaking gigs into that account for special events along the trip like whitewater rafting and hot air balloon trip 

      • Time 

      • Planning (how much how little) 

      • Paying bills / managing things at home (mostly automated) 

      • What to bring (less is more, especially since we’re not hiking the Andes) 

      • Roadtrippers 

      • Joined popup forum 

      • Have done a ton of research! 

    • Show Notes