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How to Measure and Improve Your Email Opt-In Rate
The Agents of Change

In preparation of a recent presentation on building your email list, I discovered that our email funnels were a complete mess! 
I went in, cleaned them up, and I’ve noticed a surge in email signups since then.
In this week’s podcast I share both the tips from the presentation as well as how I cleaned up our email funnels to jumpstart our signups.
Building your email list should be at the top of your priority list for 2018, and this episode will give you the tools, ideas, and directions, to make that happen.






Hey, where’s the transcript of this week’s episode?
Since I’ve already presented a lot of the content from this week’s episode recently at Social Media Marketing World, uploaded the slides to SlideShare, and created a blog post around my findings, it didn’t make sense to reiterate everything here.
Instead, head on over to How to Build Your Email List with More Opt-Ins at the flyte new media blog where you can view the slides and download everything you need to start growing your subscriber base.
Social Media Marketing World 2018
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Show Notes:

Rich Brooks is the President of flyte new media, a web design & digital marketing agency in Portland, Maine. He knows a thing or two about helping businesses grow by reaching their ideal customers, and to prove that, he puts on a yearly conference to inspire small businesses to achieve big success. You can also head on over to Twitter to check him out, and he just added “author” to his resume with his brand new book!