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“Alexa, help me grow my business” | Alexa Flash Briefings – Jen Lehner


If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to reach out and deliver content to your customers and prospects, Jen Lehner has the inside scoop on the newest tool, Alexa Flash Briefings!

Alexa briefings are a great way to stay front of mind, position yourself as an expert in your field, and reach out to your audience in short, daily bursts at times when they normally wouldn’t be looking to consume lengthy content (i.e.: while getting dressed, commuting, having coffee, etc.). Because they’re short and broadcast regularly, Alexa flash briefings make for a great content channel for brands.

A few of the cool things you can do with these briefings is update your customers on new products or services, advise of upcoming events like webinars, podcasts, or conferences, and hand out a daily tip or advice. 


How to Implement the 90/10 Rule for Better Marketing Results – Andrew & Pete


How to Implement the 90/10 Rule for Better Marketing Results

Being everywhere doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere, or so says Andrew and Pete, so they’ve created a 90/10 rule that they believe is the backbone to great content marketing strategies. Rather than try to be a jack of all trades, be remarkable at one. So much so that it becomes your signature, something that people look to you as an expert in.

It’s easy to get caught up in the weeds of all the social media channels out there. But rather than doing them all because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do or it’s what you need to do to get more visibility, the only thing you’re doing is spreading yourself too thin and doing a lot of things mediocre, instead of only one or two things excellent.


How to Be Authentic in the Digital Age – Nicola Smith


How to Be Authentic in the Digital Age - Nicola Smith

What does it mean to be authentic in the digital age? How can you be authentic online? Is this something just for big corporations with huge marketing and communications teams, or can any small business or entrepreneur succeed?

What if more businesses worked together instead of against each other?  It is this focus on collaboration that Nicola Smith believes is going to be a key to how businesses grow in the future.

Another struggle in business today is staying authentic in this age of social media and other virtual spaces. So while we’re trying to be everywhere at once, it’s important to remember not to be so customer centric, and to instead focus on being more customer led. Instead of talking at your customers, look for signals from them as to when and how they want to interact with you in that way.