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AI and the Future of Digital Marketing – Thomas Helfrich

Can a bot market better than you can? Probably not, at least not today, but AI can help you become a better, more effective marketer now.  “AI Nerd” Thomas Helfrich gives us a closer look at what AI can do, the tools that are available, and how to put it into your workflow and content… Read more »

How to Monetize Your Instagram Marketing – Ariel Carr

If your Instagram marketing is going nowhere, this is the episode for you. Instagram expert Ariel Carr will show you how to build an audience and how to monetize your Instagram account, even if you don’t have thousands of followers. She’ll share with you some of the overlooked opportunities on Instagram, and how to get… Read more »

Getting Started with TikTok Marketing – Austin Armstrong

Should TikTok be part of your company’s marketing campaigns? Maybe you think the audience isn’t there, or it’s not a serious enough platform. TikTok marketer, Austin Armstrong, believes otherwise and he’s helped professionals reach and engage their audience on TikTok, driving leads and sales. He shares how in this week’s episode of the Agents of… Read more »