How to Get Started with YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

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Currently one of the strongest – and often untapped – digital marketing opportunities is YouTube pre-roll advertising. You know them as those 5-30 second videos that run before the video you want to watch, sometimes giving you the option to “skip it” and go straight to your video. Sure, some people can find them annoying, but if you use them in a way that is found to be interesting or helpful, you could be nurturing a future customer.

Pre-roll ads are a great way to build brand awareness and drive website traffic, all for a relatively reasonable price. Plus, these types of adds have shown to provide a more immediate ROI since they focus on  getting people who are ready to buy. Of course, a lot of that is in the finesse of how good you were at targeting your ideal audience.




How to Get Started Selling on Amazon Marketplace

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In this digital world, e-commerce is here to stay. One of the biggest platforms for this is Amazon. So have you considered selling your business’s products on there?

Many businesses think of Amazon as their competitor, but what you may not realize is that it’s actually more of a partnership relationship. You can build brand awareness, market your web page, and even encourage reviews by selling on Amazon, all by plugging into their already massive traffic stream.



How to Win at Facebook Video Ads

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The landscape of content marketing has changed. To be successful you need to give your audience what it wants, where it wants it. And video offers a great opportunity to catch consumers where they hang out. Depending on which platform you choose to use, you should know what kinds of videos to be showing them. You don’t want to be using the same videos on YouTube as you would on Facebook because those platforms generally attract different audiences.

For example, the Facebook audience is more of the consumer that is in “discovery mode”, so shorter – and oftentimes silent – videos are what will strike gold there. Whereas on YouTube this is more of an audience that is searching and looking for longer content. Remember, videos don’t just go viral on their own – and that should never be the sole goal of your video marketing campaign – but being smart with where you put your video content and remembering to cater to the audience that your platform of choice attracts, will get you far in the long term.