Fabienne Raphaël is Speaking at AOC2016!

"Fabienne Fabienne Raphaël will show you how to connect with influencers to boost your awareness and expand your reach at #aoc2016!

Fabienne Raphaël, President & CEO of Marketing to Crush Your Competitors, is an Online Conversion Strategist, Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Top Ranked Podcaster. She works with entrepreneurs, coaches and startups to build their online platform so they can be seen as an authority, connect with influencers and cash in on their knowledge.

Fabienne has published 3 books (one a best seller!), been featured on Forbes and will soon be appearing in Entrepreneur Magazine. As a former elite athlete and physiotherapist, Fabienne is genius at mapping out a strategic path to victory. She brings a certain level of energy, radiance & authentic competitive style to lead her clients from trading time for money to financial freedom!

Topic: Small Business Champion Tactics: Connect with Influencers to Boost your Awareness & Expand your Reach

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