Top 10 List: Mobile Marketing Blogs to Follow

We’ve given you a top 10 list of the best SEO blogs out there and the best Social Media blogs out there, so naturally this next post will focus on the top 10 mobile marketing blogs!

Mobile marketing is up and coming and these blogs will help you stay ahead of your competition.

  1. Mobile marketing watch
    News, insights and commentary about all things mobile marketing and advertising – including mobile commerce, content, barcodes, location and everything else.
  2. Marketing Land
    Learn tips on how to measure everything when it comes to mobile marketing, tips for mobile website optimization and recent news and surveys in the mobile section of marketing land.
  3. SMS Mobile Marketing Blog
    Get your SMS marketing tips straight from the professionals that use it on a daily basis. This blog is written by those that are using SMS everyday and is designed to cover all facets of SMS marketing.
  4. One Mobile Media
    Mobile, mobile and more mobile. One Mobile Media’s blog is pact with great info about mobile marketing, including infographics, new technologies, apps etc.
  5. TechCrunch Mobile
    So, TechCrunch can be just that bit techy, but it’s also a great spot to learn about all the new mobile technologies that are coming out. With this knowledge you can better strategize your mobile marketing campaigns.
  6. Mobile Marketer
    Mobile marketer offers great posts on mobile strategies, tips and marketing. And, one of our favorite parts is they also offer classic guides that offer detailed info on specific mobile marketing areas.
  7. Mobile Marketing Blog
    This blog explores all marketing opportunities within mobile. Learn about the “Unexpected Benefits of Text Messaging.”
  8. Mashable Mobile
    Keep up with new phones, apps, updates and mobile marketing info with Mashable’s stream of information.
  9. Involve Mobile Blog
    Involve’s blog provides white papers, articles, tips and marketing news. You’ll find intersting case studies on companies like, JCPenney, Macy’s and even sports teams like the San Diego Chargers using SMS to beef up their marketing strategies
  10. Mobile Web Slinger
    Focusing more on Mobile Websites than marketing, Mobile Web Slinger as some great posts with advice on best practices for your mobile site.

What’s your favorite source of information for mobile marketing?

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Top 10 List: Social Media Blogs We Follow

Interested in keeping up on all things social media?

Check our top 10 list of social media blogs! This list is sure to keep you in the loop.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite social media blogs below. While you may recognize many of the blogs on the list hopefully some of them are new to you. Check them out and start taking in some of the great tips and information.

  1. Social Media Examiner
    Social media examiner is the worlds largest online social media magazine. Covering topics like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, social media examiner helps businesses to discover how to best use social media tools so they can connect with their customers, generate brand awareness and increase sales. 
  2. Mashable
    Mashable brings you the latest in social media news and web tips. Whether you are searching for a social media guide, information on a new app, infographics or survey results or just pure entertainment, Mashable has an endless flow of social media information.
  3. SocialMouths
    Kick Ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur. Need I say more? Check out one of the most recent posts, “Questioning All Advice, Rules and Best Practices For Social Media Success” Great tips!
  4. Social Strand
    Check out Social Tip Tuesday! We love the fun tips that come out every Tuesday. Follow this blog for all kinds of awesome information on social media.
  5. Brian Solis
    A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, publishing, and culture. His current book, Engage, is regarded as the industry reference guide for businesses to build and measure success in the social web.
  6. Danny Brown
    Danny Brown has an award winning blog that focuses on social media and business strategies told to you through the art of storytelling. There is something here for everyone.
  7. Kikolani
    Krisit Hines shares her expertise on blogging, business, SEO, and social media. Get ready for some great tips and advice!
  8. Social Media Today
    Featuring some of the best of the best bloggers and social media minds out there you can find a wide array of topics in blog posts and news articles.
  9. Convince and Convert
    Jay Baer provides excellent content and is one of the few that also provides real life case studies for examples. You will also get great tips on tools, strategy, measurement and how to calculate ROI.
  10. Social Triggers
    Derek Halpern helps us to discover how human psychology can help trigger your audience to convert to customers and sales online!

And, in case these aren’t enough for you, check out Social Media Examiner’s 2012 top 10 list and Alltop for more suggestions!

Please share your favorites with us here in the comments section!

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Top 10 List: SEO Blogs We Follow

Search engine optimization is ever changing. New Google algorithms come out all the time, sometimes putting a wrench into what you thought were your white hat SEO tactics.

What is white hat vs. black hat? What are the best practices that stand the test of time? If you are looking to stay up to date or simply learn about SEO the list below is a great place to start. Check out some of our favorite SEO related blogs.

  1. SEOmoz Blog
    One of our favorite spots to get entertaining and dead on information regarding SEO… With blog posts like, “SEO isn’t magic, so stop doing SEO Tricks” and “Recovering From an Over Optimization Penalty – A True Story.”
  2. Search Engine Land
    Search Engine Land is a must read hub for news and information about search engine marketing, optimization and how search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and other search engines work for searchers.
  3. Matt Cutts
    What’s better than getting info straight from the horses mouth? Matt Cutts is a Google associate gives insight into the company, search engine index updates and SEO issues.
  4. Search Engine Watch
    The authoritative guide to search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization, News, how-tos and marketing strategy guides to succeed on search engines.
  5. Small Business SEM
    This is all about SEO and Web marketing tips for small business’ in particular. What’s not to love?
  6. Design Damage
    Cracking the code when it comes to internet marketing strategies. This blog is gives excellent advice regarding topics such as “Search Engine Marketing: ROI vs Profit profit” and “how to increase website conversions.”
  7. The SEM Blog
    The SEM blog not only offers you tips on SEO in general but alson on search engine marketing and measurement. We also find that this blog in particular has some excellent posts relating to PPC campaigns.
  8. Higher Visibility
    With blog posts like “What is the Proper Key Word Density” and “5 Tips on how to Vary your Anchor Text” the higher visibility blog does a great job of answering popular FAQs.
  9. Search Engine Journal
    Keeping you in the loop, Search Engine Journal shares news, updates, case studies and more. Check out their recent post “How to Get your Site Indexed Before it’s Even Launched.”
  10. SE Roundtable
    A well-rounded view on search engines and search engine marketing from five segments of the web population.

Did we miss a blog you think should be in the top 10? What’s your favorite SEO blog?