Building A Digital Presence with Chris Brogan #AOC2013

AOC-Card-BroganCome see “Building a Digital Presence: The Story of Owner Magazine” by Chris Brogan.

The New York Times Bestselling author for “Google+ For Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything,” will be presenting live at this year’s Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference.

Chris has been creating digital content since 1998, when everyone called it journaling. He’s heard “blogging is dead” thousands of times. He’s seen people aspire to be published by the mainstream, only to see them yearn for self-publishing. More so, he’s seen the space grow and become over-saturated. And yet, he’s launching a brand new digital magazine into that space.

What has Chris learned along the way, and how will it help YOU be seen, get business, and change the universe?


How to Be Remarkable with Roderick Russell #aoc2013

Roderick RussellCome see “How to Be Remarkable: Business Lessons from a Professional Mind Reader & Sword Swallower” by Roderick Russell.

This year’s Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference is going to start with a remarkable presentation by Roderick Russell. Now, we can’t promise that he will be swallowing swords or reading minds during his presentation (nor can we deny those rumors!), but we do know that it’s going to be amazing.

Join Roderick Russell in this interactive performance talk and learn the three things that propelled him to success in a decidedly unusual industry.

In “How to Be Remarkable” Roderick will show you

  • how you can be remarkable in your own business,
  • why you must be in order to succeed, and
  • why it’s easier than you think.

Peppering his appearance with a liberal dose of his unusual interactive entertainment – don’t worry, only willing victims (er, volunteers) are used – this will be one talk to remember. Whether you come for the message or come for the performance, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a new appreciation for what’s possible.


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