Josh Stanton: How To Use The Power Of Facebook Groups at #AOC2018

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Join Josh Stanton, LIVE, September 20th in Portland, Maine! 

Using Facebook Groups to Their Full Potential! 

Josh Stanton is the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five—him and his wife, Jill’s slice of the internet where they help entrepreneurs build more attention to their brands, make more money in their business and get more out of their life through simple strategies, how to’s and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the realities of building a business online.

He’s got a serious love for travel, an unhealthy obsession with pugs and has been known to indulge in a rugby binge-watching session or two.

Topic: How To Use The Power Of Facebook Groups To Impact More People & Grow Your Business

Josh will be breaking down 4 necessary components every Facebook Group needs to be a success:

Setup: How to start your Facebook Group the right way

  • What type of group you should be starting
  • How to make sure you don’t attract spammers
  • How to make it clear to members that this group is for building YOUR business

Grow: How to get more group members without paying for ads

  • How to use your website to grow your group
  • How to use existing social media presence to get more members
  • How to use other people’s platforms to grow your group


  • How to effectively engage your members in as little as 30 minutes a day
  • How to create a month’s worth of group content in less than a day


  • How to find out if people are clicking links in your Facebook Group
  • How to move people from a free group member to a long-term client without them even knowing that you’re selling them anything
Facebook Groups Presentation in Portland Maine

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Kate Paine: Making Your Mark on LinkedIn #AOC2018

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Join Kate Paine, LIVE, September 20th in Portland, Maine! 

Using Personal Stories to Help Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

Kate Paine helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out online so they become a recognized authority in their marketplace or industry, and a respected asset to their company and clients.

She uses her journalism, PR, and marketing background to tease out her clients’ compelling story to position them as an industry visionary or influencer both online and off. Identifying an individual’s “slice-of-life” story makes her expertise uncommon in the world of online personal promotion and social selling. She’s an expert on using LinkedIn as a powerful personal branding tool, speaks at national marketing conferences, and teaches LinkedIn for corporate sales training.

Keynote Topic: Make Your Mark on LinkedIn: How Your Personal Story Sets You Apart from the Competition

Your personal brand IS your reputation, and there’s no better online platform to showcase your brand than on LinkedIn. You want to be recognized for who you are and not just what you do. (We are way more than our job titles, after all.) Becoming known and trusted on LinkedIn as the influencer and expert you raise your profile; both literally and figuratively. You’ll learn to identify a nugget of your personal story and how to weave it together with your professional story, which will completely set you apart from your competition. We’ll look at the SEO benefits to this strategy as well. You’ll leave this strategic work session with a much more creative and solid way to position yourself on LinkedIn than most people ever consider.

LinkedIn workshop and presentation in Portland Maine

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Machias Savings Bank Becomes an Agent of Change

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We would like to thank Machias Savings Bank for sponsoring The 7th Annual Agents of Change Conference! 

“Agents of Change brings us all together-entrepreneurs, marketing managers, business owners, and yes, even bankers-into one exceptional partnership where we harness visionary leadership and innovative thinking to shape communities. We cram all sorts of knowledge from world-renowned digital leaders into our heads and we take it home to grow our businesses. Why wouldn’t we want to be involved with a digital revolution that powerful?  We hope we’ll get a chance to meet you personally. We hope you’ll tell us your business story and your digital story as well.”

Last year, Machias Savings Bank, became a sponsor of The Agents of Change Digital Conference and they’re back for another year! Last summer, Rich sat down with Yury Nabokov and talked about what sponsoring #AOC means to them. Check out the video below! 


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