Top 10 List: SEO Blogs We Follow

Search engine optimization is ever changing. New Google algorithms come out all the time, sometimes putting a wrench into what you thought were your white hat SEO tactics.

What is white hat vs. black hat? What are the best practices that stand the test of time? If you are looking to stay up to date or simply learn about SEO the list below is a great place to start. Check out some of our favorite SEO related blogs.

  1. SEOmoz Blog
    One of our favorite spots to get entertaining and dead on information regarding SEO… With blog posts like, “SEO isn’t magic, so stop doing SEO Tricks” and “Recovering From an Over Optimization Penalty – A True Story.”
  2. Search Engine Land
    Search Engine Land is a must read hub for news and information about search engine marketing, optimization and how search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and other search engines work for searchers.
  3. Matt Cutts
    What’s better than getting info straight from the horses mouth? Matt Cutts is a Google associate gives insight into the company, search engine index updates and SEO issues.
  4. Search Engine Watch
    The authoritative guide to search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization, News, how-tos and marketing strategy guides to succeed on search engines.
  5. Small Business SEM
    This is all about SEO and Web marketing tips for small business’ in particular. What’s not to love?
  6. Design Damage
    Cracking the code when it comes to internet marketing strategies. This blog is gives excellent advice regarding topics such as “Search Engine Marketing: ROI vs Profit profit” and “how to increase website conversions.”
  7. The SEM Blog
    The SEM blog not only offers you tips on SEO in general but alson on search engine marketing and measurement. We also find that this blog in particular has some excellent posts relating to PPC campaigns.
  8. Higher Visibility
    With blog posts like “What is the Proper Key Word Density” and “5 Tips on how to Vary your Anchor Text” the higher visibility blog does a great job of answering popular FAQs.
  9. Search Engine Journal
    Keeping you in the loop, Search Engine Journal shares news, updates, case studies and more. Check out their recent post “How to Get your Site Indexed Before it’s Even Launched.”
  10. SE Roundtable
    A well-rounded view on search engines and search engine marketing from five segments of the web population.

Did we miss a blog you think should be in the top 10? What’s your favorite SEO blog?