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Should You Refocus Your Content on Search? – Meg Casebolt

To maximize the impact of your website content, choose strategies that will help push it to the top of search engine results like focusing on optimizing page length and voice, doing extra research for improved SEO rankings, or even adding videos. Meg Casebolt shares her 3-month plan to help us see impressive boosts in visibility… Read more »

How to Win at Paid Search – @abarks99

In digital marketing, there’s an ongoing battle between organic search and paid search. Which one yields better results, which one is more cost effective, which one tracks ROI better, and more importantly which one works faster?   Honestly, it depends on what your goals are, and of course all good long-term web marketing strategies should include… Read more »

11 Tools and Tricks for Finding Traffic Generating Keywords

Usually, our primary goal as Internet marketers and online businesses is to drive traffic to our web site.  There are several tools for driving traffic, including banner ads, social media marketing, and offline advertising, but for most of us the most important component of getting found by qualified customers is via a search engine, such… Read more »