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How to Launch, Market, and Monetize Your Podcast – Laura Pence Atencio

You’ve decided to start a podcast – Congratulations!  Maybe you’ve already figured out your platform and format, contacted possible guests, and perhaps even decided on the first few episodes. But how about your marketing strategy?  According to Laura Pence Atencio, you should be starting this at least 90 days prior to your launch date.  Unlike… Read more »

How to Drive More Foot Traffic to Your Local Business – Stacy Tuschl

How to Drive More Foot Traffic to Your Local Business – Stacy Tuschl

Marketing a local business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Local business marketing expert Stacy Tuschl is here to remind us not to assume that people already know who we are, and also not to just copy what our competitors are doing. Taking a creative and proactive approach to marketing your local business,… Read more »

The Secrets to Running a Successful Paid Search Campaign – Tim Jensen

With paid search advertising continuing its rapid growth, it’s becoming more competitive and more difficult to generate great results. That’s where Tim Jensen comes in, to help you inject innovation and creativity into your advertising to boost your ROI and lead gen. You need to understand not only your customers but also your competition –… Read more »