Speaker agrees to the following:              

  • Presentation Recording: The Speaker will coordinate a one-hour slot with AOC to record a 30 minute presentation along with a short promotional video.
  • Presentation: Will be purely educational, lack promotional information and be the speaker’s original work. Speaker and AOC will agree upon the topic and content. The Speaker can promote a “lead magnet” at the end of the presentation and the link for viewers to use.
  • Slide Deck: Presenter will use AOC’s Title Slide (provided by AOC) for their slide deck. They may use their own template or one provided by AOC for the rest of the presenatation.
  • Promotional Video: Speaker will record a short promotional video of up to 2 minutes in length as part of the presentation recording which AOC can use to promote the event.
  • Rights: AOC has the right to use the speaker’s name, photo and bio in promotional, educational, and post-event materials related to this and future AOC events.
  • Recording: AOC has the right to record and broadcast sessions and distribute materials as part of any VIP Package, as well as for future promotional purposes online and through other channels. Speaker will receive their recorded session for use in their speaker reel if requested. Public use (posting to your website, YouTube, social, etc.) of the presentation in its entirety is prohibited, but you can use clips of up to 5 minutes for your own marketing and promotion.
  • Lead Magnet: If the Speaker wishes to promote a Lead Magnet it will provide the title, description, and link to AOC as soon as possible.
  • VIP Offer: If the Speaker wishes to create an offer for VIP ticket holders, they will provide the title, description, relevant links, any limits, and dollar value to AOC. Any VIP Offer provided will be honored to all VIP registrants.

AOC agrees to provide Speaker the following in exchange for participation:

  • Promotion of the Speaker on our website, along with links to their website(s), social media profiles, and Lead Magnet as provided.
  • An Affiliate Link (Speaker will need to sign up for the link directly)
  • Payout of 50% of any sale of a VIP upgrade made through the Speaker’s Affiliate Link, whether or not the upgrade happens immediately or at a later time. The payout will be made within 30 days of the completion of the event, and any additional sales will be paid out monthly for up to one year.
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