Steve Dotto is Speaking at AOC2015!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.19.43 PMBlast Off To New Galaxies With Steve Dotto’s YouTube Launch Sequence at AOC2015!

Steve possesses a unique, refreshing, and thought-provoking view of the world of technology and how it impacts our lives. He has a talent for looking at technology and understanding how it affects us, not just how it works and what it will do for us; Steve explains, with great insight and humour, the effect technology has on our work and personal lives!

Spending 15 years teaching Canadians how to use and embrace technology has given Steve a unique perspective on the changing world; a perspective that he shares with energy and passion. A background in comedy, including stints in theatre and with Second City, contribute to make Steve an engaging, relevant, often irreverent, and highly entertaining speaker.

What separates successful content creators on YouTube from everyone else? Luck or some secret mojo? Nope! Success on YouTube is a certainty, if you have great content, and follow a plan. In this session, Steve shares with you the lessons he has learned moving from traditional network television to content creator on YouTube. He will reveal his YouTube Launch Sequence, the keys he applies to every single video assuring maximum reach, maximum YouTube SEO and maximum community engagement, which leads to awesome community building.

Topic: The Secrets to YouTube Success

Learn More about Steve and the pro tips he’ll be sharing on YouTube here.