Facebook Ad Manager vs. Power Editor vs. Business Manager – @kxtra

AOCP-Pinterest-Katrina-CrowellFacebook has an incredible global reach of more than 1 billion active users, so it makes perfect sense why businesses – both large and small – are flocking to Facebook Advertising to reach their audiences.

With a variety of platforms and options to choose from, Facebook makes it almost too easy to target exactly the audience demographic that you want, even allowing you to niche down to the most finite of audiences. Once you choose your objective, Facebook gives you the power to segment and optimize your ads in innumerable ways, including placement and even posting it to Instagram. But it doesn’t end there, Facebook also helps you to track your results, allowing you to tweak – if need be – as you go along to ensure your success.

Katrina Crowell is the Digital Marketing Consultant and Strategist, as well as an SEO guru at flyte new media. Her sharp marketing skills – as well as a few learned tips and tricks – have made her both successful and effective while utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform, not only for flyte, but for their clients as well.



How to Build a Loyal Community through Podcasting – @gspn

AOCP-Pinterest-Cliff-RavenscraftBuilding an audience to ensure your podcast is successful is a no brainer. But how you choose to go about that can make all the difference between getting a few random downloads or getting a dedicated audience of listeners waiting with baited breath for each new episode that they loyally download and listen to from start to finish every time.

Your goal should be to find those dedicated listeners that you know will anticipate every new episode – and hopefully – are excited enough to engage with you in the form of feedback. But how do you build that trust and loyalty within your audience? You start by providing them with the most valuable content you can, and then initiate and foster a sense of community and reciprocity where they feel inclined to offer the same to you.

Cliff Ravenscraft is the “Podcast Answer Man”, a highly respected podcasting consultant and coach at the top of his game. The best and biggest names in podcasting have studied and learned under Cliff’s tutelage and gone on to become some of the most respected and revered names in podcasting today.



How to Drive Traffic and Sales with Promoted Pins – @alisammeredith

AOCP-Pinterest-Alisa-MeredithHopefully by now we all know that Pinterest is more than wedding dresses, cupcakes and DIY projects. It can actually be a pretty powerful marketing tool used to drive business, if you follow a few key tips.

Like with any platform, you should never just throw money behind a campaign for promotion unless organically it’s got some legs on it already. So, learning what content to pin – and what your audience is interested in – is vital to your success. Pinterest is an excellent way to promote your brand, and their “promoted pins” takes things a step further and increases visibility, so you get the right audience at the right time.

Alisa Meredith is a Pinterest-obsessed content strategist and marketer. If you value more traffic, leads and customers, then Alisa’s tips and advice using Pinterest’s promoted pins will be a valuable addition to your current marketing strategy.