Best Practices for Highly Effective Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) are the strategies and tactics that create an experience that allows you to convert visitors into customers on your website. To do this effectively you need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, and you can do that with things like building brand affinity and creating offers that differ from everyone else.

Making your marketing decisions based on analytics and not just what your competition is doing will also take you far in the CRO game. And most importantly, be curious and get creative. This is a good opportunity to do some A/B split testing and make sure your content and visuals are on point. If you follow these tips, you’ll turn that donkey into a unicorn in no time.





How to Play By Facebook’s New Rules

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Facebook is changing their algorithm again. This time you’ll be seeing less public content from businesses, brands, and the media, and more content that promotes meaningful interactions between people (get ready to see more pictures of your great aunt’s cat showing up in your newsfeed). This means businesses are going to have to work harder than ever to get their customer’s attention and be a little more creative when doing it. 

Businesses and brands are going to have to pay more attention to what they’re posting and make sure they’re creating content that invites and encourages real, meaningful conversations. Gone are the days of link dropping. It’s time to explore other avenues such as Facebook Live, increasing the ad budget, and utilizing Facebook Groups.





How to Build a Facebook Group…and Monetize It

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A Facebook Group is a great way to communicate and share common interests, information, and opinions around a common cause or goal. Anyone can setup and manage a Group as small or as large as you want.

Facebook groups also offer many options to suit a particular Groups needs; you can make it public, private or secret, you can make admission limited or open, you can set guidelines for admission as well as for the Group members themselves. With the impending changes looming with how marketers can utilize Facebook, the Groups aspect offers another way to direct traffic to your other platforms, and even monetizing.