Jen Lehner is Speaking at #AOC2016!

Twitter is the most open platform on earth and is more than a social media channel, it’s an essential tool for business!

Jen-Lehner-AOC-2016-speakerJen Lehner began her career in non-profit, which taught her how to be resourceful in her marketing. The first in her crowd to get email, sell on eBay, and find a husband on America Online, Jen has always been fascinated by technology, and the power it holds to allow us to take control of our destiny, and connect us.

After launching a local marketing firm to help businesses learn to use digital tools to grow their businesses, Jen saw that demand for this training was even larger than she anticipated. She created and now sells online courses that teach entrepreneurs how to use social media and digital tools to grow their businesses.

She is also a new course author with Lynda (a LinkedIn company), and founder of The Front Row, a free online classroom for entrepreneurs.

Topic: Elite Twitter Tactics

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