Fast Forward Maine Becomes the Newest Agent of Change

Thank you to Fast Forward Maine for becoming the newest sponsor of the 8th annual Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference. Fast Forward Maine was founded by Rich Brooks, president and founder of flyte new media as well as the founder of the AOC conference, and Yury Nabakov, Omnichannel Experience Manager and Marketing Strategist at Machias Savings Bank, as they were both fascinated by the growing involvement marketing has with social media in the 21st century. Both Rich and Yury were extremely interested in helping Maine businesses thrive in today’s online industry, thus, creating in-person workshops around the state of Maine. Fast Forward Maine, the title of these workshops, aims to be a free tool for Maine businesses to grow and learn through advice on people. Promotions, and profits.

Fast Forward Maine is not only free, but it is also accessible. The Fast Forward Maine Podcast, airing bi-weekly is a tool that can be accessed from all around the state, no matter the time and no matter the place. Additionally, the Fast Forward Maine workshops occur bi-monthly in different locations, making them accessible to a broader Maine audience.




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Fast Forward Maine has the main goal of sharing and creating recourses to better local growing businesses. Rich and Yury strive to assist Maine business owners in funding, marketing, managing, and hiring within their businesses in the easiest ways possible.

Agents of Change is proud to have Fast Forward Maine as a sponsor for this year’s conference.