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How to Drive Traffic with Pinterest – Lindsay Shearer

Say it with me… “Pinterest is a search platform.” Yup, it’s true. Just ask Pinterest expert, Lindsay Shearer. She shared with us specific tips to help drive more organic traffic to your site and how turn that into customers. With most marketers turning to platforms like Facebook, that means there is less competition so the… Read more »

When Is the Right (and Wrong) Time to Run Google Ads? – Michael “Buzz” Buzinski

As marketers, it’s always in our best interest to ensure that our sales funnels and customer journey’s are dialed in when it comes to paid ads, before you start tossing money at them. Dubbed a “visionary marketer” by the American Marketing Association, Michael “Buzz” Buzinski of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing is here to tell us how… Read more »

The Four Ingredients to Successful SEO – Dmitrii Kustov

SEO is more than just stuffing keywords into an article or other content piece. If people aren’t searching for it and it’s not what you do, then don’t create content for it!   According to Dmitrii Kustov of Regex SEO, there are 4 key ingredients when it comes to SEO and optimization. In this episode, we dive… Read more »