Digital Marketing Rebus Puzzles

Digital marketing can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Which may be what inspired us to create a series of rebuses (rebii? rib eyes?) for marketers to solve so they could reach more of their ideal customers online. 

This was part of a retargeting campaign to drive traffic to the Agents of Change website, but now that the campaign is over we’ve collected all of these into one big puzzle page.

Can you solve them all? Answers are at the bottom if you get stuck. 

1. How Do You Drive Customers to Your Website? 

How Do You Drive Customers to Your Website


2. How Can You Literally Get Inside Your Customer’s Head? 

How to literally get inside your customer's head

3. How Do You Grow Your List Without Leaving Your Chair? 

How to grow your list without leaving your chair


4. How Do You Reach Your Customers on the Go? 

How to reach your customers on the go


5. Where Can You Engage Your Audience and Build Trust? 

engage customers and build trust


6. What’s the New Black Friday for Businesses? 


Check Your Answers: 

  1. The answer to this rebus is “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization.)

    Start with Nessie (the nickname for the Loch Ness Monster) and drop the “N,” leaving you with “essie”, or in this case, “SE.” And then “eaux” is pronounced “o”, so we get to “SEO!”

  2. The answer to this rebus is “podcast.”

    Start with the pea pod. Then add the hand with a cast. Pea pod and a cast? Put it together and you get “podcast!”

  3. The answer to this rebus is “webinar.”

    Start with the web and then the “R.” It’s a web IN an “R.” Put it together and you get “webinar!”

  4. The answer to this rebus is “mobile marketing.”

    Start with “Moe,” one of the Three Stooges and add “bill” (not money.) Next word is “market” + “ing.” Put it together and you get “mobile marketing!”

  5. The answer to this rebus is “social media.”

    Start with “sew”, add “shell” Next word is “me” on the musical scale + “d.”+ the sound you make when you sneeze minus the choo “ah.” Put it together and you get “social media!”

  6. The answer to this rebus is “September 23rd”

    Start with the “sip” + the “timber” from the forest. The “twin” dolls + the golf “tee” + “1/3” of the chart. Put it all together and you get “September 23rd”.

The next step is attending the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference.

Hannaford HallJoin us on 9.23.2016 for the fifth annual Agents of Change conference to discover all the latest tips, tricks, and tactics to attract more of your ideal customers through digital marketing.

With keynotes from Chris Brogan, John Lee Dumas, and Rich Brooks, and breakout sessions on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, email marketing and more, you’ll learn exactly how to build your business with digital marketing.

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Date: 9.23.2016
Time: 8:30 – 5pm (Registration and breakfast at 7:30)
Place: University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME + Online
Full Price for Physical Tickets: $299
Full Price for Virtual Tickets: $199