The Best Ways to Segment Your Email Lists – @stephanhov

AOCP-Pinterest-Stephan-HovnanianMarketers are always looking for advice on their email campaigns. How often should they send out emails, how can they improve open and click through rates? Segmenting is an often overlooked and misunderstood tactic, but a very important one.

Too often marketers are concerned more with quantity over quality when it comes to their email lists. But realizing that your audience is made up of different types of consumers in various stages of the sales cycle and making sure you’re emailing them content based on their needs is the key. Learning to effectively segment your audience while keeping that in mind can help you both improve your reputation and yield better results.

Stephan Hovnanian is an email marketer and web strategist who works with B2B brands helping them revitalize their email marketing efforts by revive and stimulate their relationships with their audiences.



How to Use Periscope and Live Streaming for Your Business – @vincenzolandino

AOCP-Pinterest-Vincenzo-LandinoAlmost out of nowhere, live mobile video streaming has seemingly become the newest craze. But is it a fad or is there really some benefit to it? With multiple platforms and apps offering this option, could this be the new frontier in social marketing?

Streaming content online isn’t a new concept, but more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of mobile live streaming as it allows them to connect with their audience in a way that makes them appear more relatable in a “live event” type setting.  In return, businesses are getting better brand exposure and better interaction with customers. By using live streaming to boost live events, host interviews, giving a “behind the scenes” look and many other options, it gives businesses an opportunity to engage with their audience in real time.

Vincenzo Landino’s expertise and forward thinking in the areas of social and content marketing has helped countless businesses boost their brands and command attention with their audiences and customers.


Facebook Ad Manager vs. Power Editor vs. Business Manager – @kxtra

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AOCP-Pinterest-Katrina-CrowellFacebook has an incredible global reach of more than 1 billion active users, so it makes perfect sense why businesses – both large and small – are flocking to Facebook Advertising to reach their audiences.

With a variety of platforms and options to choose from, Facebook makes it almost too easy to target exactly the audience demographic that you want, even allowing you to niche down to the most finite of audiences. Once you choose your objective, Facebook gives you the power to segment and optimize your ads in innumerable ways, including placement and even posting it to Instagram. But it doesn’t end there, Facebook also helps you to track your results, allowing you to tweak – if need be – as you go along to ensure your success.

Katrina Crowell is the Digital Marketing Consultant and Strategist, as well as an SEO guru at flyte new media. Her sharp marketing skills – as well as a few learned tips and tricks – have made her both successful and effective while utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform, not only for flyte, but for their clients as well.