12 Killer Blog Post Types for SEO, Traffic, and Leads – @therichbrooks

aocp-177-pinterest-rich-brooksEvery business is constantly looking for ways to reach their audience and drive more traffic to their website. Unfortunately often overlooked, blogging is actually a fantastic and robust way to do just that. But maybe you’re not confident in your writing ability, or just aren’t sure how to start or what to write about.

Have no fear, Rich Brooks – creator of the Agents Of Change podcast – is here to share 12 different and creative examples of blogging ideas that anyone can do. Now you have no excuse not to start that business blog and reap all of the benefits (SEO, drive traffic, establish authority, just to name a few) to help build and market your business.


How to Get Fit No Matter How Busy You Are – @jeffmcmahontbc

aocp-pinterest-jeff-mcmahonSuccess comes from many places – the right education, the right experience, the right mentors. But it also starts from within. Keeping your body healthy also makes the mind sharper and more focused. And who wouldn’t want that edge over their competition?

Jeff McMahon explains how making a few small and easy changes in your daily routine can not only lead to a healthier life for your body, but it can translate into greater success for you business-wise as well. Jeff crushes the typical excuses (“I don’t have time”), and provides, easy, quick, and realistic “hacks” to your normal routine that will have you feeling healthier, more alert, more energetic, more productive and more creative.


How to Sell on Retainer – @jillianvorce

aocp-pinterest-jillian-vorceIt’s not only what you do to help a customer – but how you help them – that can make all the difference, not only for them but for your business’s success. It’s not always about just giving them what they ask for. Although it can mean a little more legwork, digging deeper to find out what they’re really in need of – which isn’t always what they initially ask for – and doing it in a transparent way that earns their trust, is the key to success for both your customers and your own business.

Jillian Vorce shares her unique formula for relationship development – and pivoting into a retainer model that’s more value based based than commodity based – that has allowed her to earn the trust and confidence of her clients, while also getting a deeper understanding of what her ideal customers really want.


Pinterest Success: Time, Testing & Visuals – @tgammonphoto

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aocp-pinterest-tina-gammonIf you’re looking for a visually creative way to market your business, then look no further than Pinterest. Pinterest offers a visually rich platform that appeals to customers in a way that blogging or other text mediums do not. It’s also a fantastic way to build brand awareness as well as a personality for your company. With a little patience and common sense, you can find that Pinterest offers another playing field to not only reach your audience, but also to position yourself to get more traffic through Google and other search engines.

Tina Gammon uses her Pinterest expertise to appeal to her customers – in this day and age of instant information gratification – and she does it with visuals. Her savvy and creative pins allow her customers to use them like a catalog that they can flip through to find just what they’re looking for. And if you give your customers what they’re looking for, they’ll keep coming back.


How to Find Your Audience on Social Media – @bethjhayden

aocp-pinterest-beth-haydenIf you’re looking for a way to really focus your time on the social media activity for your business, you may need to limit the number of platforms that you’re on. Using a few key tactics and strategies – such as interviews and surveys – can help you choose the best one or two platforms to concentrate on that can really help your business grow and drive more traffic back to your website.

Beth Hayden is an author and marketing expert who uses her expertise to help businesses create and implement online marketing systems that work to increase traffic and leads.


5 Ways to Rescue Your Declining Organic Reach – @Mike_Stelzner

aocp-pinterest-michael-stelznerWith organic reach shrinking across the board, content marketers are scrambling for answers. See what media company Social Media Examiner has done to overcome the lack of reach and what you can learn from the steps they took.

Michael Stelzer is a social media expert, and a leading authority on the topics of writing and marketing white papers. He knows the secrets to helping businesses navigate the various social channels available today with strategies and tactics that translate to success.


What does it really take to win at organic SEO? @baglady207

aocp-pinterest-christensen-bergeronHow can a small business with limited resources ever compete with the business giants when it comes to SEO? Fortunately, it’s not just about volume these days. Things like inbound links and a nice library of good content will determine the winner. And those are odds even a non betting person can get behind.

Concentrating on things like keyword research, link building, and on-page optimization will allow your business to build a marketing plan around specific keywords and phrases, that will in turn help you improve the quality and value of the content you’re creating.

Jennifer Christensen and Suzette Bergeron are the brains behind Bulletin Brands. Together they have honed a mostly organic approach to how they use SEO to build their business and can testify that approximately 95% of their new business comes from organic search alone.


How a Business Avatar Attracts Your Ideal Customer – @johnleedumas

aocp-pinterest-john-lee-dumasHow many times have you hit that fork in the road when trying to solve a business decision? Are you worried you’re not reaching the precise audience that’s right for your business? Have you ever envisioned what your one, ideal audience member would look like if you put a face and backstory to them?

Creating an avatar of your one, perfect listener allows you to narrow your niche to the most precise audience member that you’re trying to reach. Your avatar is your targeted demographic that allows you to focus exactly on the people that benefit most from your message. Once you know who that person is, it allows your business to find its direction and become a magnet that people are drawn to.

John Lee Dumas is the Entrepreneur On Fire, whose podcast was recognized as Best Of iTunes in 2013. John’s podcasts aim to teach upcoming entrepreneurs to take their leap towards success by hearing the stories of failures and lessons learned from other well-known entrepreneurs.


How to Get Started with Marketing Automation – @sharpspring

aocp-pinterest-charles-chadwickIt’s fair to say that the marketing goal of most businesses is to attract, nurture and convert their leads all the way down through the sales funnel. But what’s the most efficient way to do that?

When you send the right messages to the right people you peak their interest, and marketing automation allows organizations to more effectively streamline their marketing efforts on multiple channels  – such as email, websites, social media – and to automate repetitive tasks. If your goal is to increase your organization’s operational efficiency and grow revenue faster, then look no further than marketing automation.

With over 17 years of experience in business development and strategic sales, Charles Chadwick uses his expertise at SharpSpring to develop effective and streamlined marketing solutions that drive business growth and bring immediate value to organizations.



Digital Marketing in an Hour a Day

I can’t believe we’re TWO DAYS from the Agents of Change conference. There’s STILL so much to get done it’s crazy!

So, I hope you can forgive me that instead of a typical interview, or me reading a chapter of my upcoming book, I’m instead sharing with you my presentation from last year, Digital Marketing in an Hour a Day.

I’ve also posted the full video from last year’s presentation at the show notes if you’d prefer to watch this week instead of listen.

Hope you’re planning on joining us in person or virtually for Friday’s conference! If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, there’s still time to get your tickets to the Agents Of Change Digital Marketing Conference!

If you’re serious about helping your business reach the next level, you won’t want to miss a chance to hear some of the smartest industry experts speak on the topics of search, social and mobile marketing. aocp-fb-morgan-suttonaocp-fb-rich-brooksaocp-fb-rich-brooks-92116