How Small Biz Can Beat Big Biz at Google – @stonetemple

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Every business needs to know what language their customers are using because that means you can relate better to them. When you relate to them in a way they understand, they will buy your products and services. And this is why SEO is so important, it makes your website easy for both users and the search engine “robots” to understand when you cater to what they’re looking for.

The best way to speak the language of your potential customers is to do some research into what they’re “saying” when they go searching online, by looking at keywords. When you can narrow down the key search words that are most commonly being used, you are that much more likely to rank higher in Google search. And then you can take it even further and see what keywords your competitors are using and how those stack up against your own keywords.


What Does High-Performing Content Look Like? @RebekahRadice

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If you’ve been writing blog posts for many years, has your ideal client changed – and if so – has your content changed with that? Making sure you’re taking advantage of all the info your analytics is telling you about what your readers want to hear more of will also allow you and your content to evolve and change over time.

Planning out a strategy to your long form content writing will make the whole process less daunting and easier to manage and fit into your busy schedule. The goal here is to make it something you look forward to doing, instead of a chore.


The Secrets of a Successful Podcast Launch – @colligan

Measuring the success of your podcast is more than just getting in the “New & Noteworthy” section at iTunes. And that means it’s more about getting people to actually subscribe to your podcast than to simply just listen to it.

The most obvious way to garner buzz about your podcast is to utilize your email list. But what you tell them in the email is one of the most critical and key components to a successful podcast launch. Simply asking them to check it out will not do, you need to tell them what you want – and that is for them to hit the ‘subscribe’ button (even go as far as to tell them how to do it) – and of course make sure you tell them all the benefits of doing so.


How to Market Your Event with Pinterest – @pegfitzpatrick

Three different versions of the same pin will work three times as hard for you - Peg Fitzgerald

Pinterest is the typically underutilized social platform that’s quickly gaining momentum. When you look at things it has over other social platforms – longevity of content visibility, inexpensive – it’s a no-brainer for businesses, especially those with tight marketing budgets.

Peg Fitzpatrick teaches us how to make Pinterest work for small businesses by helping us build relationships with influencers, creating different boards to highlight multiple facets of our brand, how to use enticing text and photos, and how to promote our events using Pinterest.


The B2B Marketing Guide for Pinterest – @pegfitzpatrick

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If you think Pinterest is only for DIY-ers and the wedding industry, then you’re missing out. Pinterest is the underdog that is constantly proving itself as a valuable marketing tool for all kinds of businesses.

Not only is it good for businesses with limited marketing budgets, it has much more of a “set it and forget it” mentality than other social channels that need constant babysitting and attention in order to maximize their potential. With little effort, you can use Pinterest to highlight your company’s work, link back to your blog or website, and promote not only your own content, but other valuable curated content as well. And remember, Pinterest pins also show up in Google searches now.


How to Use Chatbots to Grow Your Business – @murraynewlands

You can’t be everywhere at once, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could clone ourselves? Well, now you can…kinda. Using technology to interact with your customers via chatbots is the next big wave for businesses – large and small – to ride.

Chatbot tools are now making it easier than ever to build a custom bot to interact with your Facebook clients 24/7 by answering FAQ’s and even using some of the lingo and personality that associates directly with your brand that people have become familiar with.


When Marketing Funnels Don’t Work – @KimSnider

Customarily, the way businesses generally go about things is to pump out large amounts of content through multiple channels – social media, email, paid advertising – and hope that does the trick. Then they might retarget those that didn’t bit the first time, including offering a few different low dollar purchase options before finally converting all of that effort into a few sales.

But by reversing that sales funnel and simplifying it down to just 3 easy steps, you can convert even cold traffic with less work and less risk, and increase your customer’s lifetime value. Essentially you’re beginning with the end of your sales funnel and optimizing that by cutting out the middle man, which is faster and more cost effective for your business.


How to Build an Audience with Instagram Stories – @suebzimmerman

Instagram Stories is the new kid on the block, a great new tool that individuals and businesses alike can use to engage in a more personal and authentic way with their audience. And here’s the thing…it disappears after 24 hours.

If you’re a business looking for a creative outlet to connect with your audience, Instagram Stories gives you the ability to do things like show your product in action, tease for an upcoming conference or podcast, give a glimpse “behind the scenes”, and so much more.

Sue B. Zimmerman – the “Insta Expert” – is here to teach us all the ninja tips and tricks to help us harness the full power and potential of all that Instagram has to offer us.


Finding Micro-Influencers to Grow Your Business – @zonozi

We all know the importance of reaching the right audience, but what about getting a little help doing that. As the saying goes, “it’s all about who you know”, and there is a lot of truth in that. So why not find some influential people to help us get the word out about our products and services to reach an even wider audience?

Amir Zonozi teaches us a thing or two about the different kinds of influencers, which ones are better poised to help us, and how we can form a working relationship with them.


Do You Know Why Your Customers Chose YOU? – @law4

Do you really know who your customers are? Is the information you have based on data supported facts or assumptions? If your assumptions are off the mark, then you’re straying from who your customer really is and what they care about.

By spending just a minimal amount of time doing some basic research and perhaps even interviewing a handful of your customers – past and present – to find out why they came to you and how you can make the process easier for both of you, you can reap the rewards of your diligence with a ROI that pays out in more customers and sales for your business.