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What Colors, Imagery, and Animals Will Perform Best Next Year in Social Media? – RJ Talyor

Did you know that even some of the most well-known national newspapers are using AI to write some of their articles? It’s true. And you probably didn’t even notice. So how can Marketers leverage AI as part of their Marketing strategies? We’ve all undoubtedly encountered a chatbot a few times in the past few years,… Read more »

9 Things to Consider for Your Next Digital Marketing Budget – Rich Brooks

How to Plan for Your 2021 Digital Marketing Needs Are you putting together next year’s marketing budget, trying to navigate the coronavirus minefield? Wondering how much to spend, what channels to use, and what your messaging should be? Here are nine things to consider when developing out your own digital marketing plan.

How to be a Profitable Podcast Guest – Kristin Molenaar

Like many business owners, you’re most likely always searching for new avenues to be seen and heard. Have you thought about podcasts? Getting featured on the right podcasts will increase your visibility, help build your credibility, and attract new qualified leads for your business. But maybe you just don’t have the time to pitch yourself… Read more »