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How to Purge Your Blog of Underperforming Posts – Rich Brooks

Have you noticed that your blog traffic is dropping off? Or that certain posts aren’t bringing in as much traffic as they used to? Perhaps you’ve been blogging since 2005 and you’ve got a lot of blog content that’s no longer relevant. If any of these sound like your situation, it might be time to… Read more »

The Episode Where I Help Victoria with Her Homework – @therichbrooks

We love to receive feedback, comments and questions from our listeners and relish the opportunity to answer any specific questions or pain points that you may have. Recently we received an email from a communications and marketing student from Canada seeking some information specifically around the area of blogging. So we decided to help her… Read more »

How Often Should I Blog?

Does it matter how often you blog? Does more frequent posts equal more traffic? Recently I’ve been reading a lot of opinions on how frequently you should be posting. I’ve seen many bloggers suggest that the more often you post, the more traffic (and leads and business) you can generate. Looking at successful blogs like… Read more »