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How to Set Up Geofencing for Your Business

Businesses are always looking to find creative ways to target their audience, and geo-fencing fits that role perfectly. By setting up a geo-fence – or a virtual boundary – it allows businesses to access mobile device user’s WiFi/cell date/GPS to trigger push notifications, text messages, alerts, and even targeted advertisements, to deliver location-based marketing data…. Read more »

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Healthy Financials

Not all entrepreneurs and business owners are also financial wizards. That’s why it’s vital to make sure you have a person on your team that can pick up that task and do it in a way that shares your business growth vision, understands your needs, speaks to you in a way you understand, and doesn’t… Read more »

How to Put Out That Dumpster Fire of a Pinterest Account

What happens when you let a Pinterest expert take over your business account?  Rich Brooks found out the answer when he let Alisa Meredith do that very thing. The result: she helped him turn his dumpster fire into a well-oiled machine. If only more businesses saw Pinterest as the search engine that it is, instead… Read more »