Speakers & Agenda

Conference Agenda | Thursday, 9.20.2018

Time Breakout 1 Breakout 2 Breakout 3
7:30 Registration, Breakfast & Exhibitor Booths
8:30 Opening Remarks
8:45 Disruption! Forces That Will Change Your Marketing
Rich Brooks
9:40 Instagram Marketing Foundations  Jenn Herman The Psychology of Conversions Nancy Harhut Geofencing Marketing  Justin Croxton
10:25 Morning Break: Coffee & Exhibitor Booths
10:45 Make Your Mark on LinkedIn Kate Paine Secrets of AdWords Success Ted Ives
7 Ways to Increase Your Website’s LOCAL Google Search Rankings SEO Mark Collins
11:30 Lunch & Exhibitor Booths
12:30 The Live Video Revolution Joel Comm

Pinterest Mindset for the Future Jennifer Priest

Become an Amazon Merchant
Shannon Jones

Marketing Your Local Business Without an Ad Budget  Dorien Morin

2:10 Afternoon Break: Coffee & Exhibitor Booths
2:30 Use the Power of Facebook Groups to Impact More People Josh Stanton
User Intent: Reverse Engineering Google for Traffic & Revenue Dan Shure
DIY Local Panel  Mike Foti Topher MalloryDerek Volk
3:25 Irresistible Ideas: How to Build the Secret Weapon of Master Marketers
Tamsen Webster
4:10 Networking Event

** Tentative schedule. Subject to change.**



Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media, a digital agency in Portland, Maine, that’s been around for over 20 years. He is a nationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and social media.

He founded The Agents of Change, an annual conference and weekly podcast that focuses on search, social & mobile marketing.

Rich is the author of The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing, a popular and well-received book that helps entrepreneurs and marketers reach more of their ideal customers online.

He has appeared in Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post, FastCompany.com, CNN.com, the Social Media Examiner, and many other news sources for stories on digital marketing.
He is also the “tech guru” on the evening news show, 207, which airs on the NBC affiliates in Maine.

Topic: Disruption! The Forces That Will Change Your Marketing

Description: From search to social, from blockchain to smart speakers, forces both human and technological are going to require change in your marketing strategy.

What are some of the biggest changes that are happening right now and what’s coming next? How can you “future proof” your marketing plan? How can you continue to stand out in an ever more crowded marketplace? 
We’ll launch into the 7th annual Agents of Change looking at the forces set to pummel your best laid marketing plans so you can be prepared and continue to reach more of your ideal customers through search, social, and mobile marketing. 

Joel Comm

Joel Comm is New York Times bestselling author, blockchain enthusiast, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist, live video expert, technologist, brand influencer, futurist and eternal 12-year old. With over two decades of experience harnessing the power of the web, publishing, social media and mobile applications to expand reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audiences inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create highly effective new media campaigns. His latest project is as co-host of The Bad Crypto Podcast, a top cryptocurrency show making the future of digital payments easy to understand.

Topic: The Live Video Revolution

New York Times Best-selling author Joel Comm believes live video is the most significant leap in social media since the invention of the smart phone. In this talk you’ll discover why smart businesses and brands are adopting live video to create massive engagement and generate sales.


Tamsen Webster

Part “idea whisperer,” part message strategist, and part presentation coach, Tamsen Webster helps people and organizations like Verizon, State Street Bank, Ericsson, Johnson & Johnson, and Disney find and communicate the power of their ideas. For four years, she was the Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge, one of the oldest and largest locally organized “TED talk” events in the world. In former lives, she worked in both agencies and at nonprofits heading up brand, marketing, and fundraising communication strategy, along with a brief but enduring turn as a change management consultant. She was a reluctant marathoner…twice; is a winning ballroom dancer (in her mind); and everything she knows about people, speaking, and change, she learned at Weight Watchers. True story.

Topic: Irresistible Ideas: How to build the secret weapon of master marketers

Description: At the heart of marketing lies one seemingly elusive goal: how can we actually get people to love our stuff as much as we do? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly simple answer, and it lies in how we come up with our products and services in the first place.

During this keynote you’ll learn:

  • The three most common mistakes we make when communicating our ideas and what to do instead
  • The fastest way to overcome people’s natural resistance to change and how to use it in any format
  • A simple formula for making ideas irresistible


Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. She is the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing and her blog, Jenn’s Trends, has won the title of a Top 10 Social Media Blog in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Through her blog, consulting, and speaking Jenn provides tips, resources, and training for small to medium sized businesses that need to structure their social media strategies. Her business background includes Administration, Sales, Human Resources, and Marketing and she enjoys bringing all these skills together to help you grow your business. Jenn has been featured in Inc., Fox News, Yahoo Finance, CBS Radio LA, and numerous other podcasts and publications. She is the author of “Instagram for Business for Dummies”, “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Instagram” and “Stop Guessing: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy”. Website: www.jennstrends.com

Topic: Instagram Marketing Foundations for Growth, Leads, and Conversions

Description: In this session with Jenn Herman, you’ll learn all the core foundations of Instagram marketing to ensure your account is best aligned for tangible results. You’ll walk away from this session, led by the world’s forefront blogger on Instagram marketing, with actionable tips and tactics that you can implement right away:

  • Setting up a business profile that drives leads
  • Creating quality content that appeals to your audience
  • Writing effective captions and calls-to-action that produce measurable results
  • Exploring hashtag strategies to build your brand on Instagram


Jennifer Priest

Jennifer Priest is a social media strategist, speaker, influencer, and Crafts & DIY expert. With over 15 years of experience in social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing, Jennifer has been named a 2016 Top Latina Blogger to Watch by NBCNews and is a top featured content creator for the largest influencer marketing firm in the US. Her work has been featured in major publications and online by the likes of Apartment Therapy and MSNBC.  Jennifer’s digital marketing consulting firm, Smart Creative Social, has a prestigious client list across multiple creative industries, connecting influencers with brands, offering online and in-person training, and guiding clients in developing a solid social media strategy for their businesses. Jennifer brings a deep real-world understanding of how social media works as well as an appreciation for the challenges of solopreneurship, making her a sought-after speaker in both the handmade and blogging communities. Jennifer lives in Southern California with a multi-cultural family plus a clan of cats and two dogs. 

Topic: Pinterest Mindset for the Future

Description: Discover new ways to think about your content and strategy on Pinterest to help your business more easily adapt to platform changes, algorithm updates, and more. You’ll walk away with actionable tips to move forward with a new Pinterest strategy today.



Kate Paine

Kate Paine helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out online so they become a recognized authority in their marketplace or industry, and a respected asset to their company and clients.

She uses her journalism, PR and marketing background to tease out her clients’ compelling story to position them as an industry visionary or influencer both online and off. Identifying an individual’s “slice-of-life” story makes her expertise uncommon in the world of online personal promotion and social selling. She’s an expert on using LinkedIn as a powerful personal branding tool, speaks at national marketing conferences, and teaches LinkedIn for corporate sales training.

She’s also a volunteer traveling faculty member – teaching how to leverage LinkedIn – for The Honor Foundation(.org) in Virginia Beach. THF is a nonprofit, which provides an intense career development program for Navy SEALs and individuals in the Special Forces community who are transitioning from their active duty military service and into a civilian career.

Topic: Make Your Mark on LinkedIn: How Your Personal Story Sets You Apart from the Competition

Description: Your personal brand IS your reputation, and there’s no better online platform to showcase your brand than on LinkedIn. You want to be recognized for who you are and not just what you do. (We are way more than our job titles, after all.) Becoming known and trusted on LinkedIn as the influencer and expert you are raises your profile; both literally and figuratively. You’ll learn to identify a nugget of your personal story and how to weave it together with your professional story, which will completely set you apart from your competition. We’ll look at the SEO benefits to this strategy as well. You’ll leave this strategic work session with a much more creative and solid way to position yourself on LinkedIn than most people ever consider.


Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones studied business in Connecticut and moved to Massachusetts in 2003. Having experience with both Fortune 500 Companies as well as smaller organizations, she he is recognized as an influential leader with strong strategic vision and a 360 perspective. Her entrepreneurial spirit paired with retail and e-commerce experience helps brands come to life in the digital marketplace.

Topic: Become an Amazon Merchant

Description: How to become an Amazon Merchant, understand seller options and navigate seller central.


Josh Stanton

Josh Stanton is the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five—him and his wife, Jill’s slice of the internet where they help entrepreneurs build more attention to their brands, make more money in their business and get more out of their life through simple strategies, how to’s and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the realities of building a business online.

He’s got a serious love for travel, an unhealthy obsession with pugs and has been known to indulge in a rugby binge-watching session or two.

Topic: How To Use The Power Of Facebook Groups To Impact More People & Grow Your Business

Description:  I’ll be breaking down 4 necessary components every Facebook Group needs to be a success:

Setup: How to start your Facebook Group the right way

  • What type of group you should be starting
  • How to make sure you don’t attract spammers
  • How to make it clear to members that this group is for building YOUR business

Grow: How to get more group members without paying for ads

  • How to use your website to grow your group
  • How to use existing social media presence to get more members
  • How to use other people’s platforms to grow your group


  • How to effectively engage your members in as little as 30 minutes a day
  • How to create a month’s worth of group content in less than a day


  • How to find out if people are clicking links in your Facebook Group
  • How to move people from a free group member to a long term client without them even knowing that you’re selling them anything


Nancy Harhut

Nancy Harhut is passionate about the impact of behavioral science on marketing. An Online Marketing Institute Top 40 Digital Strategist, Social Top 50 email marketing leader, and the winner of numerous International ECHO awards for marketing effectiveness, she has creative directed integrated campaigns for clients such as AT&T, IBM, GM Card, Dell, Nationwide, Bank of America, Sheraton, UnitedHealthcare, American Express, and more.

The Chief Creative Officer of HBT Marketing, Harhut is known for her interesting and actionable insights that focus on applying behavioral science to marketing. A sought-after, top-ranked speaker, she’s wowed audiences in Moscow, Stockholm, Sao Paulo and all over the US — including attendees at SXSW. Follow her on twitter at @nharhut for topical insights, or email her.

Topic: How to Increase Recall, Response and Revenue with Neuromarketing

Description: New research by neuroscientists reveals people don’t “make” decisions. Often, they just default to reflexive responses without even thinking! That means perfectly good ads, emails, mailings, etc. can still fail. Because people don’t make logical choices.

However, if marketers strategically factor in the decision defaults people rely on, we increase our success. When our creative leverages the hardwired behaviors of customers and prospects, it can automatically increase the recall of our marketing messages, the response to them, and the revenue that results from them.

Discover how to apply the latest brain science findings from here and abroad to your marketing communications. Find out how to use the surprisingly powerful Von Restorff Effect, Availability Bias, Single Choice Aversion and more to trigger the behaviors you seek. See numerous examples from a variety of verticals. And leave this session ready to make your institution’s recall, response and ROI rates soar!



Justin Croxton

Justin Croxton is the Managing Partner at Propellant Media, LLC, a digital marketing and media solutions provider, offering geofencing marketing and programmatic display solutions to organizations, agencies, and companies. Visit us at www.propellant.media/geo-fencing.

Topic: Geofencing Marketing: Targeting Competitors, Events & Households

Description: Geofencing is considered the new display advertising solution giving enterprises the opportunity micro target their advertising dollars in ways they couldn’t before.  And despite large enterprises only having access to this technology, now smaller digital agencies and small businesses and localized brands can take advantage.  In our sessions, you will learn:

  • What is geofencing advertising
  • Why geofencing creates the perfect marketing mix
  • How we use geofencing to also measure in-store foot traffic
  • Industries winning with geofencing 
  • How agencies to incorporate geofencing into their service offering



Dorien Morin-van Dam

Dorien Morin-van Dam is the owner of More In Media, located in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She helps local small businesses with their social media strategy, planning, and execution. She is a regularly featured expert on CBS where she shares social media strategies and tips for businesses. Dorien is an international speaker and social media trainer and you’ll recognize her online and on-stage by her signature orange glasses, a nod to her Dutch heritage.

Topic: How to Market Your Local Business Without an Ad Budget

Description: ‘You have to pay to play!’ Local small business owners tend to hear this proclamation, and believe it; many shy away from social media marketing because they accept this statement to be true. 

Is paying for advertising really the only way to have social media marketing success in 2018? It is not! Strategy, patience and some elbow grease are the backbones of any organic social media marketing campaign. 

In this presentation, you will learn
  • which social media platforms work together for best local results
  • why quality trumps quantity with regards to content
  • how one tactic can boost your Facebook reach significantly without paying for ads
  • which offline marketing tactics will enhance your social media efforts
  • where to look for marketing collaborators


Ted Ives

Ted Ives is founder and CEO of SEMCopilot, software for PPC account managers. SEMCopilot is an innovative and rapidly evolving software platform dedicated to making PPC account managers successful, and much of it is focused on solving problems that Ted has personally encountered (particularly his own mistakes he’s learned from) managing many dozens of AdWords accounts over the years.

Topic: Secrets of AdWords Success

Description: The AdWords team at Google has really evolved their platform and developed numerous new features in the last few years. Google is taking the approach of trying to automate some functions to make it easier, but the massive system they have built can still feel overwhelming. Ted will run over ways to ensure that your AdWords campaigns are set up properly and how to minimize wasted spend, so you can grow leads and sales for your business at a reasonable cost per acquisition.


Mark Collins

Onweblocal.com was founded by Mark Collins, a UMass – Dartmouth Marketing graduate with over 4 decades of sales, marketing and technology experience. Onweblocal.com provides SEO services to small and medium sized local and regional businesses, helping them build a solid web presence to increase website traffic which attracts more local consumers and clients. Onweblocal also offers ongoing SEO services that feature off site profile and media creation along with onsite content optimization and blogging services.

Topic: 7 Ways to Increase Your Website’s LOCAL Google Search Ranking


  • How to correct common on-site SEO mistakes

  • How to add related keywording to gain additional traffic – FAST

  • Find out which ranking factors from Moz.com and other sources are the most powerful for local SEO.

  • Web Presence 101 – understanding the local search ecosystem (Hint – Don’t forget MAP websites!)

  • Learn which FREE, open to all, off site profiles have the most ranking power.

  • Ongoing SEO – why reviews & blogging are a must to stay on top

  • Local vs Global SEO – Learn what’s different? What’s the same?


Dan Shure

Dan Shure is co-owner of Evolving SEO with his wife Sarah and is the host of “Experts On The Wire” – an SEO Podcast. He has helped companies like WGBH, Ring Video Doorbell, Sumo and more solve challenging SEO problems since 2007.

Dan is a Moz Associate and was recently given a prominent mention in Rand Fishkin’s new book “Lost and Founder” advice he gave to Rand for Moz’s popular Keyword Explorer tool.  

As a Podcast host, Dan has interviewed more than 90 marketing experts including Brian Dean (Backlinko) John Mueller (Google), and Pamela Wilson (CopyBlogger). Dan has presented at notable groups and conferences such as SMX, Affiliate Summit, SEMNE, and Content Jam.

Topic: User Intent: Reverse Engineering Google for Traffic and Revenue

Description: Everyone has been talking about things like “user intent” and “google now ranks topics not keywords”.

But what does this actually mean? On the surface, it sounds great, but are still just vague advice that replaces past vague rhetoric like “create quality content” or “link juice”.

How do you actually determine how to position and create content for search success?

I’ve been using and refining a process for the last several years to help clients gain visibility and grow traffic anywhere from 2-20x. In this session, I will share my exact step by step blueprint for analyzing Google and structuring your content for search success.


Local SEO Panel

Topic: DIY Local Marketing Panel: How Local Businesses Can Succeed Online

Description: The panel will be mostly Q&A with a moderator and then Q&A from the audience. Speakers will be talking about the kind of things they do as a local business owner to market themselves online.

Panel Moderator

Elissa English-O’Brien

Elissa English-O’Brien is a Maine native with a passion for the hospitality and tourism industry.  Her path was set when she was introduced to a vocational culinary arts program at Calais High School and she fell in love with food, travel and customer service.  Since then, she has studied hospitality and tourism management and is nearing completion of her MBA with a concentration in this field.  After becoming a mother and seeking a more stable schedule than operations was able to provide, Elissa’s career veered into sales and marketing, beginning with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and now for the past seven years with Visit Portland, our local Destination Marketing Organization as the Director of Group Sales.  Her dedication to growing the industry in Maine as lead her to education and workforce development and she teaches at Southern Maine Community College instructing the Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism course as well as the Hospitality Marketing course.  Elissa began her own side-hustle in the industry in 2016 when she established MainelyGlamping, LLC, a mobile glamping company servicing Southern Maine.  When she’s not immersed in all things hospitality and tourism, Elissa is spending time with her daughter, son, husband and Goldendoodle either exploring beautiful Maine or planning their next out of state adventure!

Mike Foti

Mike Foti is President of Innovate Building Solutions and Innovate Home Org – regional remodelers and nationwide wholesalers of unique construction materials (including grout free shower and tub wall panels, glass blocks, home organization systems and glass floors and stair treads). He is a self-professed DMG (Digital Marketing Geek) who you’ll find blogging at 4AM on Saturday mornings (while also doing the laundry – his wife loves this) on his 2 blogs News from the Block and Professionally Organized.

The growth of these blogs has helped his local business evolve into national sales with 30% of their materials now shipped across the United States. Mike believes he may have the smoothest hands in the remodeling business (he does lots of blogging and social media posting and no hammering – his customers are cool with that). He still admits he’s a Cleveland Browns fan (that makes him loyal, but not very bright!). Mike loves to teach entrepreneurs how to weave digital marketing into their daily routines to grow a business.

Derek Volk

Derek Volk is president of Volk Packaging Corporation, a third generation family owned and operated corrugated box manufacturer in Biddeford, Maine. Derek is a Maine businessman, author, radio personality, volunteer and philanthropist who, along with his family, was named the 2015 Spurwink “Humanitarian of the Year.” Volk Packaging was the winner of the IFOB Family Business of the Year, Governor’s Award for Business Excellence and named one of the Best Places to Work in ME. The company has a significant social media presence, especially for a manufacturer. You can find them at www.volkboxes.com.

A speech communications major at the University of Maine at Orono, Derek has always been comfortable speaking to an audience. Since 2012, Derek has hosted a Saturday morning radio talk show on WLOB 100.5 FM in Portland, Maine. His show can be heard online at www.derekvolkshow.com and through podcasts available on iTunes and Stitcher. He has also traveled all across America speaking about autism after authoring the Amazon Best Seller, Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad’s Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum. Derek’s book and more information is available at www.chasingtherabbit.org.

Derek has been happily married to his high school sweetheart, Amy Volk, for 29 years. State Senator Amy Volk is currently serving her fourth term in the Maine Legislature. Amy and Derek are the proud parents of four children.

Topher Mallory

CEO of Mexicali Blues / CoFounder of Split Rock Distilling / CoOwner of Royal Rose Organic Syrups

Topher Mallory knows that when you’re all in, others buy in.

In just 13 years, Topher’s “all in” approach to retail transformed a laid-back import store with three brick-and-mortar locations and no website into a vertically integrated omni channel brand. He simultaneously launched Maine’s first grain-to-glass organic distillery, Split Rock Distilling, which acquired Royal Rose Organic Syrups this past spring. All three businesses show his signature approach to retail sales: authentic passion, hands-on leadership, grassroots marketing and forward-thinking financial analysis. Topher turns loyal customers into a long-lasting community and loves every minute.

You can talk retail (or rock climbing, tie-dye, Maine, Whiskey, craft cocktails and more) with @TopherMallory on Twitter.