How AI is Changing Digital Marketing Forever – Natalia Maynez

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Natalia Maynez

Worried that AI—Artificial Intelligence—is going to make your digital marketing job obsolete? 

Instead of looking at the future of AI in the digital marketing space as something that’s eventually going to replace us with robots, think of it instead as a business partner that will enhance your job and supplement your output.

Artificial Intelligence can never replace humans in areas such as empathy, sensibility, strategic capabilities, and creativity, but they can do things like sort through and analyze data quicker than the human brain can. So approach AI as a member of your team that handles some of that data for you so you have a little more time to concentrate on the parts of marketing that humans do best.   (more…)

Optimizing Your Website for RankBrain – Jeffrey Kranz

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Jeffrey Kranz

Have you heard about “RankBrain”? That’s the name of Google’s AI technology, making user intent a critical piece in search results. RankBrain is constantly trying to improve the Google’s Search Engine Results Page by attempting to understand what people are actually looking for when they search and delivering on that need.

Better search results pages are better for searchers, but how can you take advantage of this shift to get in front of more of your ideal customers? In short, how can you optimize for RankBrain? Or is it impossible?

If you want to understand more about how RankBrain in upending the search business and how you can stay on your feet, listen to Jeffrey Kranz, an SEO expert who focuses on RankBrain.


Unlocking the Secret Power of Pinterest – Jennifer Priest

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Jennifer Priest

Pinterest is an underutilized tool in your social media toolkit. A pin has a much longer shelf life than a tweet or a Facebook update. Pinterest offers search engine optimization benefits that other social media channels can’t match.

Discover how to leverage hashtags, videos, and search in Pinterest to reach more of your ideal customers and drive traffic and sales.


Targeting Cold and Warm Audiences with Facebook Ads – Andrew Bengel

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Andrew Bengel - The Ad Viking

Facebook’s ad platform gives you more control over your ad campaigns compared to any other platform out there. Whether you’re a pizza shop looking for more customers, or an online retail store looking to find more people interested in your products, Facebook’s audience targeting options allow you to reach the right people based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

Once you’ve properly installed the Facebook pixel on your website, you can go as broad or niched down as you need to get in front of your ideal audience, ensuring you can increase your reach and boost your sales.


Scientifically Proven Instagram Tactics Revealed! – Scott Ayres

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Scott Ayres

How many times have you read a blog post by a social media expert that told you to do one thing, and then listened to a podcast by another expert on the same topic that told you to do the exact opposite? Now it makes sense that different people will have different opinions, but what does the actual data say?

This is where Social Media Lab fits in. They are the Mythbusters of the social media world. They take a scientific approach and perform real tests on the types of social media questions that marketers have when it comes to what really works and what doesn’t, what will give you a better reach with your audience, and what gets more conversions…and they have the actual numbers to prove it.

How many hashtags is too many? Instagram Carousel or individual photo posts? Instagram Story ads or Instagram feed ads? How do your current social media marketing strategies rank up against the data? Maybe it’s time to try something new.


How to Use IGTV to Build Your Business – Sue B. Zimmerman

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Sue B. Zimmerman

With our social feeds clogged up and algorithms working against us, how can we engage our audience? Well, there’s a relatively new offering from Instagram that may provide the solution: Instagram TV (IGTV.)

IGTV displays full screen, vertical videos that can be up to an hour long.  Video, in and of itself, is a great opportunity to nurture the “know, like and trust” aspect of warming your audience by showing them a more personal side of your business or brand. Think of the possibilities: vlogging, behind the scenes glimpses, influencer marketing, and repurposing content used on other social channels. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity!


How to Generate Quality Leads at LinkedIn – Melonie Dodaro

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Melonie Dodaro

By now it should be safe to assume most people are aware that LinkedIn has much more to offer than as just a place to park your resume. But don’t think it’s a free-for-all opportunity to spam the heck out of people with cold business pitches.

To success at generating leads from LinkedIn, you want to gradually build a network of people that are your ideal prospects. To do this, set up a process where you build rapport, gain trust, and determine if you can help with their pain points. Then begin a gradual process of explaining how that might look to them, and constantly stay top of mind. That is the key to successfully navigating and utilizing LinkedIn for your business.


How to Create Amazing Webinars That Grow Your Business – Steve Dotto

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Steve Dotto

Webinars are a great way to grow and empower your community. When done creatively, they can also drive different revenue streams for your business. The very interactive nature of a webinar lends itself to being a fast track to building trust, engagement, and community– the building blocks for growing your business.


Discovering Keyword Gaps for Small Business SEO – Dan Shure

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Dan Shure

It can be difficult for small business to compete at Google against large corporations who have bottomless pockets and huge marketing teams. However, there are gaps—keyword gaps—that you can take advantage of to get found by your ideal customers when they search.

Find out how to discover these keyword gaps, take advantage of the “long tail” of search, and ensure that no technical problem is keeping you off the front page of Google.


The Secrets of Facebook Ad Targeting – Dr. Ben Adkins

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Dr. Ben Adkins - Closers Cafe

When running ads for your business, where you target potential customers is just as important as who you target. Search engines like Google generate more direct sales because people searching there generally already know what they’re looking for. Alternatively, with Facebook the key is to impress your potential customers by first getting them to know, like, and trust you.

Too often businesses think if they just send ads out to everyone, then they’re bound to generate some business. But the smarter way is to niche down and target only the most ideal audience for your business. That’s what’s going to help you both stand out and survive.