How to Build Your Email List with Your Best Prospects – Teresa Heath-Wareing

What is an effective email marketing campaign? By now I think we all know that it’s not measured simply by the number of emails we send out, but rather the quality of those emails. So what’s the key to sending emails that get opened and convert to leads and sales?

Today we talk with Teresa Heath-Wareing, host of the Marketing That Converts podcast, as she helps us work through our frustrations with the constant changes in digital marketing and social media, and shares insightful, easy, and actionable steps that anyone can use to help grow their business. (more…)

How to Audit Your Content for Better Performance – Travis McKnight

It’s not enough to just throw some blog posts and other content online if you want to rank in the search engines. And reaching the top 3 once also doesn’t mean it’s there to stay. But what can you do to increase your chances of ranking high and being seen as a source that consistently delivers a high-quality user experience?   

Travis McKnight, senior content strategist at Portent, is here to share the proven strategies he uses with his own clients to help them rank higher and create meaningful content that consistently delivers a clear and polished experience for users.  (more…)

How to Take Boring Out of Your Branding – Denise Blasevick

All brands say they want to be different, but very few actually take that jump and do it – or at least do it successfully. So what does it take to ‘wow’ the masses and elevate your brand above others? Denise Blasevick, of S3 Agency, fills us in on what to steer clear of and how to inject excitement into a brand, all while still remaining authentic to the core values of the brand.  


What Your Customer Can’t Tell You – Melina Palmer

Humans make 35,000 decisions every day. So once we understand that the way in which we present information makes a difference in what people are going to choose, it suddenly takes marketing our brand or products to a whole new level.  

Using techniques such as anchoring, priming and reciprocity, Melina Palmer from The Brainy Business, explains how to influence your potential client’s brains to help persuade their choices.   (more…)

The Five Step Process to Creating Videos That Engage Your Audience – Krista Mashore

Krista Mashore

Video is critical to your digital advertising, social media, and your sales funnels. With so many of your potential customers scrolling platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you’ll need to create videos that get attention.  

But what goes into a video that’s going to not only stop the scroll, but create awareness, interest, desire, and action? Krista Mashore is here to explain exactly how to do that, as well as how to incorporate videos into your sales funnel from pre-funnel to purchase.  (more…)

What Ads Work for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey? – Brendan Hughes

Whether you call it the “buyer’s journey” or the “sales funnel”, the messaging for each stage needs to be appropriate. Discover what type of messaging and ads work for awareness, consideration, and decision.  

Brendan Hughes of Optily shares with us what works and what doesn’t, and how to attribute your sales to the right message and the right channel. 


How to Be Funny (In Your Marketing) – Allie LeFevere

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to help our brands stand out from the crowd, but why aren’t more brands using humor? Look at fast food chains like Wendy’s or Taco Bell, they’re killing it on their social channels because they’ve found a successful way to merge humor into their content to engage their audience in a fun way that stands out.

Turns out, humor is the most underrated competitive advantage in the game. At least that’s what Allie LeFevere, co-founder of Obedient humor branding agency, believes. On this episode she explains how to use humor to bring more positivity and personality into your marketing. (more…)

How to Not Only Attract the Right Customers, But Also Grow with Them – John Jantsch

It’s one thing to close a sale with a customer, but how do you get closer to them in a way that goes above the transactional relationship where you become a business they actually care about and that matters to them? Selling things is great, but nurturing relationships with die-hard evangelists for your business is even better for both sides.

John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing, outlines a process we can use to not only grow our customer base, but allows you to develop a strategy for your entire business around how you’re going to move through those stages and up the customer success.  


How to Use “Small Data” to Improve Your Marketing – Janelle Hailey

Data mining allows businesses to collect a pile of not only interesting, but very useful data, that can be used to help with growth as well as helping to determine what is and isn’t working with their current products and/or marketing strategies. This data can be very useful when it comes to finding patterns, changes, or anomalies that you may not have been aware of but can use to your advantage.  

Janelle Hailey explains what tools she uses at Olika to find this important data, and how she’s used it to help the brand and products align with what their mission represents, and how they’re giving their customers what they want by better understanding their behavior. 


The Remarkability Formula – Rich Brooks

Are you struggling with your digital marketing? Unable to stand out online? The problem may not be your tactics or the channels you choose, but instead, it’s because you haven’t spent the time upfront determining what makes you remarkable.