How to Get More Views on YouTube – Tim Schmoyer

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How to Get More Views on YouTube - Tim Schmoyer

If you’re going to invest time and money into creating videos for your business, you want your ideal customers to find them and watch them. And since no one serves up more views than YouTube, your focus should start there. So how do you get those views?

Tim Schmoyer understands what YouTube wants, and he helps people and brands create the type of videos that address YouTube’s three main concerns. What are those concerns? Read on…








Why Empathy and Storytelling Should Drive Your Marketing – Michael Brenner

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Why Empathy and Storytelling Should Drive Your Marketing - Michael Brenner

The goal in marketing is to reach, engage, and convert your followers, but how do you accomplish that? By creating content that people actually want and need.

Michael Brenner knows the importance that empathy and storytelling play in marketing, and shares how brands can tap into this by acting as publishers instead of just creators of propaganda. This customer-centric approach to marketing will help you not only increase sales, but also appeal to your customers in a refreshingly organic and openly straightforward way.






How to Create Pillar Content for SEO – Christine Whittemore

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How to Create Pillar Content for SEO - Christine Whittemore

A pillar post is like the bricks and mortar that support your website, your business, and help to define your brand. A pillar post improves your SEO, raises your search visibility, and drives traffic from Google to your website.

Christine Whittemore understands what goes into an effective pillar post and how to draw readers and visitors back to your site again and again.





The Psychology Behind Better Conversion Rates – Nancy Harhut

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Nancy Harhut

Behavioral science, and the research we gain from it, helps us to understand an individual’s buying habits and decision making process. Nancy Harhut is passionate about the impact that behavioral science has on marketing, and teaches effective persuasive techniques to businesses so they can really learn to move the needle to increase leads and sales.




Facebook Video: The Good, The Bad, and the Really, Really Ugly – Mike Stelzner

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Mike Stelzner

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook is probably the one that changes most frequently and most dramatically.

What worked so well last year, or last month, or even yesterday, is dead in the water today.

In today’s episode we speak with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner who shares with us evidence-based reasons on why they changed up their video marketing on Facebook and what they’re doing today that’s working better.

He’ll share both their current Facebook marketing as well as their online video strategy. What they’ve already learned could save you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.



Marketing on a Budget – Rich Brooks

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Marketing on a Budget - Rich Brooks

Budgets sound cheap. Budget travel, budget hotel, budget wedding.

Budgets also sound restricting. What’s the budget? Keep to the budget! Don’t go over the budget!!

But budgets are really about understanding how much your clients are worth, how much it costs to acquire and keep them, and how to make the most out of limited resources.

In this week’s episode, Rich Brooks shows you how to calculate your Customer Lifetime Value, determine your customer acquisition costs, and ways to make your marketing dollar go further.



Your Digital Marketing Needs to Change – Rich Brooks

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Your Digital Marketing Needs to Change - Rich Brooks

Are you just going to “roll over” your current marketing plan into next year?

With 2018 rapidly coming to a close, Rich Brooks of flyte new media shares his agency’s changing strategies for the new year. How they plan to refocus their attention and generate more leads going forward. He reminds us that if you plan to do the same thing in 2019 that you did in 2018 – or just more of it – then you should expect disappointing results. Remember, your competition is already pivoting with the changes and you need to, too.

Whether it’s diving into AI with chatbots, changing the way you create blog posts and other content, or even redesigning your own website, it’s time to shift your marketing plan to compete with the ever changing digital marketing industry.


How AI is Changing Digital Marketing Forever – Natalia Maynez

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Natalia Maynez

Worried that AI—Artificial Intelligence—is going to make your digital marketing job obsolete? 

Instead of looking at the future of AI in the digital marketing space as something that’s eventually going to replace us with robots, think of it instead as a business partner that will enhance your job and supplement your output.

Artificial Intelligence can never replace humans in areas such as empathy, sensibility, strategic capabilities, and creativity, but they can do things like sort through and analyze data quicker than the human brain can. So approach AI as a member of your team that handles some of that data for you so you have a little more time to concentrate on the parts of marketing that humans do best.   (more…)

Optimizing Your Website for RankBrain – Jeffrey Kranz

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Jeffrey Kranz

Have you heard about “RankBrain”? That’s the name of Google’s AI technology, making user intent a critical piece in search results. RankBrain is constantly trying to improve the Google’s Search Engine Results Page by attempting to understand what people are actually looking for when they search and delivering on that need.

Better search results pages are better for searchers, but how can you take advantage of this shift to get in front of more of your ideal customers? In short, how can you optimize for RankBrain? Or is it impossible?

If you want to understand more about how RankBrain in upending the search business and how you can stay on your feet, listen to Jeffrey Kranz, an SEO expert who focuses on RankBrain.


Unlocking the Secret Power of Pinterest – Jennifer Priest

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Jennifer Priest

Pinterest is an underutilized tool in your social media toolkit. A pin has a much longer shelf life than a tweet or a Facebook update. Pinterest offers search engine optimization benefits that other social media channels can’t match.

Discover how to leverage hashtags, videos, and search in Pinterest to reach more of your ideal customers and drive traffic and sales.