Website Accessibility: Making Your Site ADA Compliant – Ian Lowe

You can find anything on the internet. You can watch videos that teach you to code, listen to podcasts that keep you up-to-date on politics, and shop for almost anything, from a home to a vacation to a course on Facebook Ads. But that’s not true for everyone. For many people with a disability or impairment the internet is full of barriers without a ramp in sight. For companies, their websites can be that barrier. Ian Lowe, of eSSENTIAL Accessibility is here to show us how to make our sites accessible, compliant, and ultimately, more successful.


Should You Really Delete Your Facebook Business Page?

Remember when one of the first things a business would do after setting up their website was to create a Facebook page? Well, according to marketing consultant Jenny Karn, this may be a thing of the past. This includes businesses currently using Facebook who have noticed their posts generating lower levels of engagement, leaving them wondering if their target audience is even seeing their posts.


The HERO System for Creating Viral Videos

Everyone posting videos online are secretly hoping they’ve created the next viral sensation. But the truth is the odds of that happening are slim, in large part because sheer luck plays such a big part of it. But what if you had a formula that you could follow that might increase your chances of creating videos that connect with your audience and consistently convert very well?  Matt Johnson, founder of Guide Social, actually has that formula and is sharing it with us today.    (more…)

How to Get the Most Out of Your Explainer Video – Derek Gerber

There are lots of reasons to include videos as part of your brand’s online presence, but have you considered explainer videos? These videos can specifically help to increase conversion rates, better clarify the objective of your product or service, generate increased interest in your brand, and increase web traffic, just to name a few. Derek Gerber, vice president of Explainify, fills us in on how any business can create and utilize explainer videos to build their audience’s digital experience.


A 30 Day Content Plan in Just 30 Minutes?!? – Allie Martin

Coming up with a week’s worth of social media posts can seem overwhelming, never mind an entire month’s worth! But what if I told you that you could actually sit down and map out 30 days’s worth of social posts at once – with a “set it & forget it” approach? That’s exactly what visibility expert Allie Martin does for herself and her clients, and with great success. She’s here to share her tips, strategies, and tools that she uses to help her take the stress and frustration out of her social content strategy.


The B2B Digital Marketing Handbook – Ken Marshall

Digital marketing for B2B (business to business) is different than that for B2C (business to consumer. There are more decision makers involved, sales cycles take longer, and the size of each sale is bigger. Because of this, you’ll need a B2B-specific approach to search, social, and mobile marketing. Ken Marshall of RevenueZen, has helped countless B2B companies increase the size of their pipeline through a strategic approach to SEO, LinkedIn, and content marketing, and he’s here to share some of those same strategies with us. 


Marketing Controversial Products Online – What Works and What You Can Get Away With

Do you have a “controversial” product like CBD, cannabis, or crossbows that you’re looking to market online? If so, you’ve probably already ran up against plenty of roadblocks from companies like Facebook and Google.  

Today’s guest, Shayda Torabi, has learned first-hand that in order to market her cannabis business, she needed to get creative with her marketing strategy. This means learning which words and phrases are off limits, and even which platforms – including email providers – won’t allow your business to utilize their services. She shares her successful techniques to reaching and engaging her audience…ones that will work for you, too! 


The 7 Core Elements of Successful SEO – David Finberg

Building a successful SEO strategy relies on 7 core elements, according to David Finberg of Peaks Digital Marketing. In today’s episode we’ll look at each one in turn, and give you specific steps you can take to improve your standing in each category.


How to Get Your Content Into Google Discover – Kyle Brady

Google Discover is your own personal, curated feed of web content that appears below the search bar. As a marketer, it provides an opportunity to surprise and delight your audience and drive qualified traffic to your site.

However, getting your content to show up in Google Discover is no easy feat. Kyle Brady, publisher, strategist and content creator, has cracked the code of Google Discover and is here to share his knowledge. Get ready to discover how you can optimize your own content and website to take advantage of this lesser-known opportunity before your competitors do.


How to Sell (More of) Your Stuff on Amazon – Jeff Lieber

On the surface, selling products on Amazon seems like a pretty easy way to make some money, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. In order to do it successfully with impressive results, you definitely need the right strategies to help get you there. Today’s guest, Jeff Lieber of Turnkey Product Management, shares his own strategies, tips, and expertise around keyword research and optimization, product branding and listing, and PPC advertising that he uses to help his own clients sell 8+ figures on Amazon.