How to Advertise and Market on Quora – JD Prater

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How to Advertise and Market on Quora - JD Prater

Quora is one of the largest online communities for questions and answers, as well as one of the highest quality user generated content platforms. As a Quora evangelist, JD Prater knows firsthand how leveraging the power of Quora’s user intent makes it a smart new option for marketers.

While it offers many of the same options for marketers that they have become familiar with and embrace on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, Quora also offers unique opportunities for businesses and brands to build their expertise on given topics, as well as directly answer questions coming from actual users and potential customers.


How to Amp Your Content and Reach More People – Daniel Daines-Hutt

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With content, less can be more if you ask Daniel Daines-Hutt, as long as the content that you are putting out is of the highest quality and has proven it has what it takes to get attention and convert customers. He has proven that by writing far less often than most industry experts generally swear by, you can actually get more traffic and higher conversions.  

But just as important as the content you’re putting out there is how you’re promoting it.  The way you target and test your content will directly impact how much you’re paying for your ads and how that relates to the lifetime value of your average customer.


How to Create a Scalable Plan for Content Marketing – Melanie Deziel

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How to Create a Scalable Plan for Content Marketing - Melanie Deziel

One of the important things that Melanie Diezel stresses to all content marketers is to make sure they’re not just sharing the content they want to share, but to ensure it’s the content their audience wants – and needs – to receive.

Sticking to your strengths and the medium that you’re passionate about as far as how you send that content out – whether that’s a blog, a video, a graphic – is just as important as the content itself. And making sure that content is realistic and consistent for your audience will determine if you will keep their attention to get them coming back for more.


“Alexa, help me grow my business” | Alexa Flash Briefings – Jen Lehner

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If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to reach out and deliver content to your customers and prospects, Jen Lehner has the inside scoop on the newest tool, Alexa Flash Briefings!

Alexa briefings are a great way to stay front of mind, position yourself as an expert in your field, and reach out to your audience in short, daily bursts at times when they normally wouldn’t be looking to consume lengthy content (i.e.: while getting dressed, commuting, having coffee, etc.). Because they’re short and broadcast regularly, Alexa flash briefings make for a great content channel for brands.

A few of the cool things you can do with these briefings is update your customers on new products or services, advise of upcoming events like webinars, podcasts, or conferences, and hand out a daily tip or advice. 


How to Implement the 90/10 Rule for Better Marketing Results – Andrew & Pete

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How to Implement the 90/10 Rule for Better Marketing Results

Being everywhere doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere, or so says Andrew and Pete, so they’ve created a 90/10 rule that they believe is the backbone to great content marketing strategies. Rather than try to be a jack of all trades, be remarkable at one. So much so that it becomes your signature, something that people look to you as an expert in.

It’s easy to get caught up in the weeds of all the social media channels out there. But rather than doing them all because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do or it’s what you need to do to get more visibility, the only thing you’re doing is spreading yourself too thin and doing a lot of things mediocre, instead of only one or two things excellent.


How to Be Authentic in the Digital Age – Nicola Smith

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How to Be Authentic in the Digital Age - Nicola Smith

What does it mean to be authentic in the digital age? How can you be authentic online? Is this something just for big corporations with huge marketing and communications teams, or can any small business or entrepreneur succeed?

What if more businesses worked together instead of against each other?  It is this focus on collaboration that Nicola Smith believes is going to be a key to how businesses grow in the future.

Another struggle in business today is staying authentic in this age of social media and other virtual spaces. So while we’re trying to be everywhere at once, it’s important to remember not to be so customer centric, and to instead focus on being more customer led. Instead of talking at your customers, look for signals from them as to when and how they want to interact with you in that way.


The Secrets of Videos That Sell – Marcus Sheridan

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Video marketing can attract an audience, but do you know what types of videos close sales? Marcus Sheridan does, and he’s been sharing that secret with businesses looking to grow.

Thorough transparency and authenticity that only video can deliver, businesses gain not only trust but also brand awareness. Further, by using Marcus Sheridan’s “Selling 7” tips for which kinds of videos you should be making, you’ll develop a steady stream of new clients.


Facebook Chatbot Strategies for E-Commerce Sites – Steve Chou

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Facebook Chatbot Strategies for E-Commerce Sites - Steve Chou

Steve Chou has cracked the code on how to effectively communicate with his customers online.  

By successfully utilizing Facebook Messenger’s marketing opportunities – i.e., chatbots – he’s been able to find an alternative way to communicate with his customers outside of email, find new ways to get his content out there, use customized segmentation for different audiences, and increase his open rates and revenue per subscriber. It’s all about spreading things around and having multiple ways to reach people, instead of just putting all of your eggs in one basket.











What’s Working Now for Marketing Your Local Business – Bruce Irving

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After running a couple of pizzerias and having to figure out the promotion and advertising on his own, Bruce Irving turned his pizza shop business into a full on restaurant marketing juggernaut, helping not only his own businesses, but others see dramatic growth as well. Since he started in those pre-social media days and was still finding success, he quickly saw the advantages that social media could play – especially in local business – and adopted marketing plans on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram because of their incredible targeting abilities, as well as the reasonably priced paid marketing options, ability to run promotions/contests, use video, and even chat bots.










LinkedIn Ads: Everything You Need to Know – AJ Wilcox

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LinkedIn Ads: Everything You Need to Know - AJ Wilcox

When businesses go looking for expert advice on how to drive business growth through LinkedIn, AJ Wilcox has earned that reputation for knowing exactly how and when to utilize LinkedIn’s numerous advertising options.

In terms of cost per click, LinkedIn is higher than other platforms. But what it does really well is allow for more niche target capabilities on a platform that already has the right people in the right mindset to become leads that convert at a much higher rate.