The 7 Core Elements of Successful SEO – David Finberg

Building a successful SEO strategy relies on 7 core elements, according to David Finberg of Peaks Digital Marketing. In today’s episode we’ll look at each one in turn, and give you specific steps you can take to improve your standing in each category.


How to Get Your Content Into Google Discover – Kyle Brady

Google Discover is your own personal, curated feed of web content that appears below the search bar. As a marketer, it provides an opportunity to surprise and delight your audience and drive qualified traffic to your site.

However, getting your content to show up in Google Discover is no easy feat. Kyle Brady, publisher, strategist and content creator, has cracked the code of Google Discover and is here to share his knowledge. Get ready to discover how you can optimize your own content and website to take advantage of this lesser-known opportunity before your competitors do.


How to Sell (More of) Your Stuff on Amazon – Jeff Lieber

On the surface, selling products on Amazon seems like a pretty easy way to make some money, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. In order to do it successfully with impressive results, you definitely need the right strategies to help get you there. Today’s guest, Jeff Lieber of Turnkey Product Management, shares his own strategies, tips, and expertise around keyword research and optimization, product branding and listing, and PPC advertising that he uses to help his own clients sell 8+ figures on Amazon.


Creating Videos that Stop the Scroll – Lauren Schwartz

If you’re looking to increase engagement and get viewers on social to “stop the scroll”, then video is where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts. According to Lauren Schwartz of The Loft 325, any experience level can create videos, and all you need is a smartphone and to follow a few of her simple suggestions for creating eye-catching creatives that make your product stand out online.


Everything New in Pinterest – Alisa Meredith

Pinterest has undergone a few major changes lately, and the word on the street is, quality over quantity will get you favored these days. Pinterest expert and friend of the show, Alisa Meredith, stopped by to give us the low down on all the recent changes happening at Pinterest affecting marketers, including explaining why curating boards is a thing of the past, and why ‘idea pins’ might just be your new best friend.


Getting Your Marketing in Order – Bear Wade

If you’re frustrated with low sales and can’t seem to figure out why, Bear Wade has the answer for you. Many times the problem lies in either not having a designated marketing plan or having one that’s not in the right order. Would you start sending people to your website before you’ve even created it? Of course not. Well the same idea applies to all aspects of your marketing plan. Bear is here to help us define these five specific steps – in the correct order – all designed to help you save time and money, and put your business on the road to healthy, sustainable growth.


How to Drive Traffic with Pinterest – Lindsay Shearer

Say it with me… “Pinterest is a search platform.” Yup, it’s true. Just ask Pinterest expert, Lindsay Shearer. She shared with us specific tips to help drive more organic traffic to your site and how turn that into customers. With most marketers turning to platforms like Facebook, that means there is less competition so the cost per click is much less expensive on Pinterest. Sounds like a win/win to me. So what are you waiting for?


When Is the Right (and Wrong) Time to Run Google Ads? – Michael “Buzz” Buzinski

As marketers, it’s always in our best interest to ensure that our sales funnels and customer journey’s are dialed in when it comes to paid ads, before you start tossing money at them. Dubbed a “visionary marketer” by the American Marketing Association, Michael “Buzz” Buzinski of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing is here to tell us how we can get more bang for our precious bucks by simplifying and optimizing Google ad campaigns.


New Psychological Hacks to Get Your Customers to Take Action – Nancy Harhut

Nancy Harhut, of HBT Marketing, is here to explain to us how mixing a little behavioral science in with our marketing campaigns can actually help us to track down, analyze, and understand the consumer’s decision-making process better, and therefore become more successful in the ways we choose to target them. 


The Four Ingredients to Successful SEO – Dmitrii Kustov

SEO is more than just stuffing keywords into an article or other content piece. If people aren’t searching for it and it’s not what you do, then don’t create content for it!  

According to Dmitrii Kustov of Regex SEO, there are 4 key ingredients when it comes to SEO and optimization. In this episode, we dive deeper into those 4 main ingredients, what you should and shouldn’t be doing, including the power of backlinks!  (more…)