How to Measure and Improve Your Email Opt-In Rate

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In preparation of a recent presentation on building your email list, I discovered that our email funnels were a complete mess! 
I went in, cleaned them up, and I’ve noticed a surge in email signups since then.
In this week’s podcast I share both the tips from the presentation as well as how I cleaned up our email funnels to jumpstart our signups.
Building your email list should be at the top of your priority list for 2018, and this episode will give you the tools, ideas, and directions, to make that happen.







How to Keep Customers for Life – @thejoeycoleman

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You’ve managed to make the sale and get yourself a new customer, but do you know how to keep them a customer for the long haul? Businesses spend so much time, money and energy to acquire their customers, but often are not doing anything to retain those customers they worked so hard for.

By following a few fairly simple rules, you can make your new customers not only long term clients, but also reap the benefits of their positive reviews and comments to help you win over future (hopefully long term) customers.







How to Win at Paid Search – @abarks99

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In digital marketing, there’s an ongoing battle between organic search and paid search. Which one yields better results, which one is more cost effective, which one tracks ROI better, and more importantly which one works faster? 

 Honestly, it depends on what your goals are, and of course all good long-term web marketing strategies should include SEO. But PPC can show results fairly quickly and has a proven track record of bringing in quality traffic that is more likely to convert. PPC advertising is also easily measurable and provides great insight to assist in making educated decisions about your PPC campaigns. And for all the small businesses out there, PPC advertising allows the Davids to compete with the Goliaths in a way other advertising options do not.