How to Build Anticipation into Your Marketing Campaigns – Reese Spykerman

Email marketing is a powerful way to keep your audience engaged with your business and build brand awareness. But it can also create “email fatigue” among those receiving them over time. So what’s the best way to grab your customer’s attention AND keep them wanting more? According to Reese Spykerman, the answer is Anticipation Emails. Try encouraging your audience to countdown to the launch of a new product with you, or even  tease them with a bit of intrigue – just don’t give away too much!


What is Inclusive Marketing? (And how do I get started?) – Lola Bakare

What is inclusive marketing? How does it differ from multicultural marketing? How can you add inclusive marketing to your own brand and communication, without coming off as inauthentic or just jumping on a bandwagon? Lola Bakare has heard these questions before, and she’s here to help you navigate these waters successfully.

Done right, inclusive marketing allows more of our customers to see themselves in our brand, and helps us reach a wider audience. As Lola Bakare simply explains, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not thinking about weaving cultural conversations into your marketing.


Content Marketing for E-commerce: Getting Those Cash Registers Ringing – Jessica Totillo Coster

Great content isn’t just listing the features and benefits of your products. It gets to the heart of what your customers are thinking and feeling, and helps move them along to the next logical step of their customer journey.

E-commerce expert Jessica Totillo Coster recommends creating content that recognizes people are not just buying a product or service from you, they are buying feelings of joy, relief, confidence, solutions, etc. If you’re not tapping into their hopes and fears, then likely your copy is falling flat.


How to Generate More High Quality B2B Leads Online – Pam Didner

Sales and marketing teams often disagree on what is a qualified lead, especially in B2B settings. However, when they do manage to work together instead of butting heads, the benefits to the bottom line are obvious. So how can marketers eliminate the struggle to communicate with their sales teams and nurture a more collaborative effort?

According to Pam Didner, clarity around goals is critical but often overlooked. In this episode we’ll look at how to clarify what your sales team needs in a lead and how to get there.


Can AI take on all your content creation? 🤖 – James Scherer

Can you outsource all of your content marketing to AI? Can Artificial Intelligence research, write, and optimize your blog posts and articles? Content Marketing Agency VP James Scherer is on the cutting edge of AI and shares what it’s capable of, and where it falls short.

If you’ve been looking for ways to automate your content creation, save time (and money), and make your deadlines, this episode is for you.


How to do LinkedIn Outreach…The Right Way – Bill McCormick

How often do you accept a connection request on LinkedIn, only to be immediately spammed with a sales pitch before you’ve even had a chance to look at their profile? Or received a connection request with no explanation or context? Or been told you should connect because “I see we have connections in common”?

According to LinkedIn expert Bill McCormick, there IS a better way. His approach will move you away from the quick sale to a deeper, more valuable, relationship.  


Adding Diversity to Your Influencer Marketing – LaToya Shambo

Influencer marketing can help you reach new audiences, but it has limited impact if all of your influencers look and sound like you. Discover the benefits and challenges of diversifying your influencer marketing.

With the help of LaToya Shambo of Black Girl Digital, Inc, we’ll look at insightful ways marketers and businesses can audit themselves first to better embrace DEI, so they can then project more inclusive advertising and images to ALL of their consumers


Website Accessibility: Making Your Site ADA Compliant – Ian Lowe

You can find anything on the internet. You can watch videos that teach you to code, listen to podcasts that keep you up-to-date on politics, and shop for almost anything, from a home to a vacation to a course on Facebook Ads. But that’s not true for everyone. For many people with a disability or impairment the internet is full of barriers without a ramp in sight. For companies, their websites can be that barrier. Ian Lowe, of eSSENTIAL Accessibility is here to show us how to make our sites accessible, compliant, and ultimately, more successful.


Should You Really Delete Your Facebook Business Page?

Remember when one of the first things a business would do after setting up their website was to create a Facebook page? Well, according to marketing consultant Jenny Karn, this may be a thing of the past. This includes businesses currently using Facebook who have noticed their posts generating lower levels of engagement, leaving them wondering if their target audience is even seeing their posts.


The HERO System for Creating Viral Videos

Everyone posting videos online are secretly hoping they’ve created the next viral sensation. But the truth is the odds of that happening are slim, in large part because sheer luck plays such a big part of it. But what if you had a formula that you could follow that might increase your chances of creating videos that connect with your audience and consistently convert very well?  Matt Johnson, founder of Guide Social, actually has that formula and is sharing it with us today.    (more…)