Taking the Mystery Out of SEO – @nickihicks

AOCP-Pinterest-Nicki-HicksWhen people think about SEO, they often think of it as a cumbersome and laborious task, but it’s actually less complex than a lot of marketers make it sound. It is, however, a mandatory marketing tactic if you want to increase visibility and take your business to the next level.

Certainly you can – and in some cases should – hire a SEO pro, but there are some fairly simple strategies and techniques – even free tools – that a novice can use to make all the difference. It all starts with content, of course, but making sure you’re choosing your keywords carefully, testing them out, and measuring their effectiveness makes all the difference. And don’t forget to check out your competition, learn from their triumphs and failures, too.

With over 8 years of experience and a true passion for web marketing, Nicki Hicks loves to help businesses reach their ideal target audience and increase their online presence with smart SEO.


How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List – @AmyPorterfield

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AOCP-Pinterest-Amy-PorterfieldBy now you already know the importance of having a strong email list. It’s more than just numbers, you need to find the exact people that will engage with you, read your content, and buy your products and services. So where do you find them and how do you keep them?

Facebook ads can be an important and valuable way to find that audience, for a relatively inexpensive option. Facebook ads offer concise options for targeting – and retargeting – as well as pretty cool analytics to help you track who’s clicking your links and who isn’t.

Amy Porterfield is a social media strategy consultant who has helped countless entrepreneurs and small businesses establish strategies to boost the success of their online marketing efforts.



How to Get People to Fill Out Your Online Forms – @marcusataylor

AOCP-Pinterest-Marcus-TaylorAre you having trouble getting people to fill out your online forms? Sometimes it’s as simple as offering some motivation to influence your users. No, you don’t have to offer a free Ferrari to anyone who fills out your form, but there are other – less extreme – ways.

Paying attention to your analytics can make all the difference in finding out things like at which point your potential customers may be consistently abandoning your form, or how effective your forms actual are in converting customers. With a few tweaks, hacks and tips, you can optimize your forms and turn them into powerful, lead capturing goldmines!

Marcus Taylor knows that forms separate your leads from non-leads, and he understands that they are one of the highest points of leverage that an online business has. His “Form Optimization Pyramid” framework outlines the different stages of how likely someone is to convert using a form, and can be used to help you optimize your business’s online forms.


What You Need to Know About Google Display Network – @lisarocksSEM

AOCP-Pinterest-Lisa-RaehslerJust what the heck is Google Display Network (GDN), and how can you make it work for your business? With so many ad platforms out there, what makes this one special and how can your business best benefit from using it?

GDN allows businesses to advertise images and videos on websites of their choice, so you have the ability to get pretty niche here if you choose to. Plus, think of all ways that can help your online branding! You have the ability to find and reach customers that otherwise might have been missed through other advertising platforms.

Lisa Raehsler is about as “expert” as you can get on the topics of PPC, display, retargeting, and social media ad campaigns. Her strategy and program development for countless businesses over the last 17 years has shown quick, proven results.


Improve Your Conversion Rates with Radical Redesign – @chrisdayley

AOCP-Pinterest-Chris-DayleySo maybe your website isn’t quite performing as well as you’d like. Maybe you’re just not seeing much conversion, or at least the conversion rates you’re hoping to reach. How do you go about figuring out where you may need to start tweaking things to improve on that?

A/B split testing is a great way to test a few different variations and see what jives better with your audience. But where do you start? For a website with a large number of pages, that can be a pretty daunting task if you start testing variations of every page. Your best bet is to first see what individual pages – and aspects of each page – are performing and converting well as is, and then start working on those that need help.

Chris Dayley is the founder of Dayley Conversion, where he uses his expertise and knowledge of using scientific, data-driven testing to help businesses improve their customer’s user experiences.



How to Get Outrageous Engagement with Text Messaging – @betwext

AOCP-Pinterest-Brian-MikesFor business owners, it’s been pounded into our heads that we need to build our email lists. Build your list and email your audience with content, information and special offers. Sure, email is great, but do you realize the average person that owns a smartphone has it in their hand almost every 7 minutes? So doesn’t it make sense to hit them up where they’re hanging out? Texting isn’t just a convenient way to chat with our family and friends, it’s also a powerful mobile marketing tool.

If you’re doing it in a purely opt in way, and offering some form of attractive incentive, texting can offer you benefits over other forms of marketing. Texting is quick, interactive and pretty inexpensive. It’s also a great way to send out time sensitive information, whereas if you were to send an email, that may not be opened by the intended recipient until the next time they log into their laptop or PC.

Brian Mikes completely immersed himself in the world marketing, learning online marketing, email marketing, SEO and online advertising. Now he teaches the benefits and profitability of text message marketing.


How to Tell Better Stories with Experience Marketing – @robert_rose

AOCP-Pinterest-Robert-RoseThe world of marketing is ever changing and you need to keep evolving with the changing times in order to not only just keep up, but to also succeed. What worked 10 or even 5 years ago is almost obsolete now. What can you do to entice your audience to make you stand out from your competitors?

Some people will tell you that you need to be everywhere that your audience is, and although that’s a fairly industrious undertaking, it just may not be possible depending on the size of your business and the manpower you have to dedicate to that. Remember that movie Field Of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”? Well, the same is true for digital marketing. If you create something great, they will come to your channel, regardless of what that may be for you. It really does boil down to the content you create and send out. And that doesn’t necessarily equate to quantity. Try quality over quantity to differentiate yourself from the masses.

For over 20 years, Robert Rose has been helping businesses tell their stories more effectively through digital media. His expert strategic marketing advice has boosted both small and global brands and assisted them in creating experiences that their consumers fall in love with.



How to Optimize Old Blog Posts for Search & Conversions – @pamelump

AOCP-Pinterest-Pamela-VaughanSo you’ve got yourself a blog, and like everyone else with a blog, you’re looking for ways to use it to increase traffic and generate leads for your business. Naturally, you keep pumping out new content and sending it out to your email list and other social channels. But is that really enough?

It’s true, new content is important. But what happens to the older posts you’ve written, do you just let them collect dust and keep moving forward? The answer is “no”! By revisiting and carefully optimizing your older posts, you’re taking advantage of the content that might still be generating traffic by invigorating new life into it, while at the same time providing great search results by updating information that very possibly has changed since it was originally written.

Pamela Vaughan is HubSpot’s blog optimization expert. Over the last year she has helped HubSpot double their conversion rates by optimizing their historical (older) posts. Her creative and innovative ideas on the topic can help your business’s blog do the same thing.



E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Tips for 2016 – @mywifequit

AOCP-Pinterest-Steve-ChouMaybe you’re an entrepreneur looking to start selling your products or services online, or maybe you already have a brick and mortar store but are looking to expand your business online. Ecommerce offers many advantages, especially if you follow a few smart tips.

Ecommerce is more than just slapping some pictures of your products online. Smart and precise advertising is key, you need to know who to target and how to drive that traffic to your products. So is gaining your potential customer’s trust, prove to them that you’re the one they want to buy from. And what do you do if they take their shopping cart to the checkout but never follow through? There are ways to save that sale!

Steve Chou followed his dream of entrepreneurship and started his own successful ecommerce business. Through trial and error, as well as some pretty cool tricks, he has built a successful ecommerce business that has grown steadily since he started it in 2007.


How To Put on Webinars That Attract and Engage Your Audience – @hillyprods

AOCP-Pinterest-James-HilliardDoes the thought of putting on a live webinar scare you? Or maybe you’ve been hosting some live webinars but just aren’t getting the attendance or conversion rates that you’re hoping for. Don’t give up, maybe your structure just needs a little tweaking.

By just following a few key tips and utilizing some handy tools – from platform selection, to creating valuable content, to follow up after the event – it can help you to better navigate the ever evolving world of webcasting. Your goal should be to create valuable and interesting conversations that convert to sales, all while respecting your audience’s valuable time.

James Hilliard counts Fortune 500 companies as just some of the clients that he has helped in all aspects of webcasting, assisting them in delivering compelling presentations that audiences appreciate.