The Art of Interviewing: Getting the Most from Your Guests – @RobCaldwell207

If you’re looking to start a webinar or podcast, for example, incorporating interviews into the mix is a great way to broaden your audience and increase traffic, among other great benefits. But if you have no experience as an interviewer, there are a few key tips that you should keep in mind that will help even a rookie interviewer navigate their way from start to finish.

When you have over 30 years of broadcasting experience under your belt like Rob Caldwell does, you learn a thing or two about how to do a successful interview. But success comes from practice and learning from the not so successful ones. Today Rob shares some of his experiences and tips to help you get on your way to becoming a great interviewer.


How to Tell Your Story Across Platforms – @gregcangialosi

How do you engage a diverse consumer market, in an increasingly distracted world? The concept of engagement has taken center stage, as marketers struggle to stay center stage with consumers who are searching multiple platforms on various different screens at any given time.

Greg Cangialosi shares his ideas on how marketers can better engage their audiences, and successfully capture that crucial contact information, that will allow them to build the relationships they need with them to translate into future sales.


How to Cut Through the Clutter and Inspire Your Audience – @drewdavishere

In business, we want to make sure that we’re always front of mind for our customers and prospects. But how do we do that without inundating them with a blizzard of information, overloading them just to make sure they remember us? Maintaining inspiration within your audience is the key. You need to make them want to keep coming back to buy from you and/or consume the content you’re putting out.

Andrew Davis is an author and digital marketing strategist who challenges businesses to change the way they think, in order to find new ways to market their brands in this ever-changing digital world.


You’ve Grown Your Email List…Now What? – @bestofjess

Email marketing can be a tricky beast. It’s more than just making sure you have an email list that you’re spewing out x number of emails to a week. You need to finesse your audience, make sure the content is informative, compelling and eye catching, and allows you to stay front of mind without bombarding them to the point of unsubscribing.

Jessica Best has taught businesses how to do email the right way. Her decade of experience in email and digital marketing has allowed her to strategize for a diverse audience, while helping businesses improve their return on investment.  


How to Develop a Voice for Your Brand – @ambercadabra

To communicate effective with your audience, your brand needs to speak to them in a way your listeners – and prospects – can relate to, understand and trust. But how do we do that effectively when there are so many different styles that appeal to so many different people? The key is to find the most authentic, unforced version of who you are and what you stand for, and build on that.

Amber Naslund has helped numerous brands – spanning all aspects of business – to find their brand’s best voice to resonate with their particular audiences.


How to Measure Your Social Media the Right Way – @c3metrics

It may not be the sexiest topic, but regularly checking your business’s analytics can mean the difference between putting money in your pocket, or throwing it out the window. If you’re going to run ads, at least take the time to test and find out what’s working and what’s not. If you don’t know what each of your customers are worth, how can you accurately decide how much to spend on advertising to them and still make a profit?

Jeff Greenfield combines technology and marketing to help businesses make smarter investments with their advertising dollars, while allowing them to better track their cost per customer for more effective ad spending.


What’s Next for Mobile Marketing and Small Business – @whartonfoa

aocp-pinterest-hays-reichgutToday’s use of mobile devices is not just a trend, it’s the future. It is a paramount shift in how we are interacting with the internet, and it is happening at lightning speed. As business owners we can’t afford to just sit back and see how it all pans out, we need to take action now.

Mobile marketing provides customers with time sensitive, geographic sensitive,  personalized information that promotes our goods, services and ideas. Making sure you do this in a way that both respects and resonates with the people consuming your advertising content is critical.


12 Killer Blog Post Types for SEO, Traffic, and Leads – @therichbrooks

aocp-177-pinterest-rich-brooksEvery business is constantly looking for ways to reach their audience and drive more traffic to their website. Unfortunately often overlooked, blogging is actually a fantastic and robust way to do just that. But maybe you’re not confident in your writing ability, or just aren’t sure how to start or what to write about.

Have no fear, Rich Brooks – creator of the Agents Of Change podcast – is here to share 12 different and creative examples of blogging ideas that anyone can do. Now you have no excuse not to start that business blog and reap all of the benefits (SEO, drive traffic, establish authority, just to name a few) to help build and market your business.


How to Get Fit No Matter How Busy You Are – @jeffmcmahontbc

aocp-pinterest-jeff-mcmahonSuccess comes from many places – the right education, the right experience, the right mentors. But it also starts from within. Keeping your body healthy also makes the mind sharper and more focused. And who wouldn’t want that edge over their competition?

Jeff McMahon explains how making a few small and easy changes in your daily routine can not only lead to a healthier life for your body, but it can translate into greater success for you business-wise as well. Jeff crushes the typical excuses (“I don’t have time”), and provides, easy, quick, and realistic “hacks” to your normal routine that will have you feeling healthier, more alert, more energetic, more productive and more creative.


How to Sell on Retainer – @jillianvorce

aocp-pinterest-jillian-vorceIt’s not only what you do to help a customer – but how you help them – that can make all the difference, not only for them but for your business’s success. It’s not always about just giving them what they ask for. Although it can mean a little more legwork, digging deeper to find out what they’re really in need of – which isn’t always what they initially ask for – and doing it in a transparent way that earns their trust, is the key to success for both your customers and your own business.

Jillian Vorce shares her unique formula for relationship development – and pivoting into a retainer model that’s more value based based than commodity based – that has allowed her to earn the trust and confidence of her clients, while also getting a deeper understanding of what her ideal customers really want.