How to (Finally) Launch Your Business Podcast – @tylerjanderson

Like many business owners and entrepreneurs you’re probably always searching for a new and creative way to get content out to your audience. Have you considered podcasting?

Podcasting is a great way to serve up actionable items and valuable information to your audience without necessarily having to write out content in the way you would a blog post. Podcasts allow for infinite creativity in how you go about it, and it’s not expensive or that daunting of an undertaking. Plus, a podcast can give you and your business credibility while also allowing your audience another way – besides reading it – to enjoy and consume your content.


How to Get Started with E-Commerce – @CaseyA

With worldwide ecommerce showing rapid growth, there’s no better time to think about expanding your business to include online sales. An ecommerce model can be an excellent choice for entrepreneurs or small businesses looking to diversify or expand.

The most obvious advantage is the ability to earn money when normal brick and mortar shops are closed. But making sure you have a solid strategy and marketing plan in place – as well as the right software to accommodate all of your needs – will be the key to not only getting up and running, but as to how successful you become.


How to Build Influence and Credibility with Twitter Chats – @MadalynSklar

Twitter chats offer a great way to gain exposure, build and audience and engage your followers, regardless of whether you’re participating or hosting. Don’t be intimidated, instead look at it as a creative way to either establish authority for your brand as a host, or network and connect with others as a participant,  all without having to do the dreaded cold outreach process.


Why Isn’t Anyone Filling Out Your Contact Form? – @therichbrooks

Your website contact form is potentially your best source of quality leads, so when no one’s using it, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest reasons why your site visitors aren’t completing your online form, and what you can do about it so you can generate more leads and sales from your website.

This past week I was doing some outreach for a side project of mine: Streamline Marketing Workshops and our first ever Spring Conference. It’s a marketing conference for wedding professionals. I was contacting a number of wedding planners, venues, and other wedding professionals with information about the event through their contact forms.

Although many had completely functional forms, the amount of difficult I had contacting these wedding professionals made me wonder how much business some of them are leaving on the table.


The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing

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So, it’s finally here. The Lead Machine.

The reason I wrote this book is because after twenty years, I’ve worked with an incredibly wide range of businesses. Marinas, psychologists, bed & breakfasts, authors, jewelry makers, insurance companies, septic specialists, ticket sellers, universities and english as a second language schools!

So many of them came into our offices at flyte and told me that their business was unique. That they were not like other companies in their town, region, or industry. That how they did business, reached their customers, or delivered their product or service was unlike any others.


Pre-Influencer Marketing: Making Authentic Connections with @kateymarie

It’s not an easy thing to ask for help, but it can be particularly important when you’re just starting out in business. It’s been said that the key to success – both in life and in business – is all about who you know. But how do you make the right connections with the right people that can benefit everyone mutually? Making these vital connections is not just about who’s popular now, but also seeking out those on the fast track with the potential to become influential over time. 

Katey Dietz is a social strategist with a knack for making connections through conversations and stories, and massaging those into lasting business relationships that serve long-term.


Making a Personal Connection with Video – @schmittastic

There is no doubt that video has proven itself an effective marketing tool. When you’re on camera, you’re allowing your audience to make a personal connection with you. In doing so, they’re earning your trust and feel a connection to you and your products or services. And with so many options out there today, there is zero excuse not to create video, whether it’s your face out there or not.

Amy Schmittauer’s passion for video turned a hobby into marketing success. She knows how businesses can leverage the use of videos to help them grow their organic reach.



The Formula of Persuasive Landing Pages – @copyhackers

Writing good copy is more than just coming up with a clever slogan or tagline, it’s really learning how you use your words effectively. It’s learning how to peel back the layers to your “problem” and come up with a “solution” that speaks to your audience as a whole, and in a language that appeals to them.

Joanna Wiebe knows the art of good copy and the effect it can have for businesses trying to boost their sales with more optimized email and landing page copy. 


The Art of Interviewing: Getting the Most from Your Guests – @RobCaldwell207

If you’re looking to start a webinar or podcast, for example, incorporating interviews into the mix is a great way to broaden your audience and increase traffic, among other great benefits. But if you have no experience as an interviewer, there are a few key tips that you should keep in mind that will help even a rookie interviewer navigate their way from start to finish.

When you have over 30 years of broadcasting experience under your belt like Rob Caldwell does, you learn a thing or two about how to do a successful interview. But success comes from practice and learning from the not so successful ones. Today Rob shares some of his experiences and tips to help you get on your way to becoming a great interviewer.


How to Tell Your Story Across Platforms – @gregcangialosi

How do you engage a diverse consumer market, in an increasingly distracted world? The concept of engagement has taken center stage, as marketers struggle to stay center stage with consumers who are searching multiple platforms on various different screens at any given time.

Greg Cangialosi shares his ideas on how marketers can better engage their audiences, and successfully capture that crucial contact information, that will allow them to build the relationships they need with them to translate into future sales.