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Creating a Customer-Centric E-Commerce Experience – Matt Edmundson

Any business can add e-commerce to their website, but what goes into a successful online store? Too many shopping sites focus entirely on the products, completely ignoring the people who are interested in buying. Matt Edmondson, an e-commerce expert, suggests that to build a successful e-commerce site you need to start with the customer experience,… Read more »

Adding Humor and Creativity to Your Marketing – Saul Colt

How do you stand out? How do you get your ideal customer to remember you? Humor and creativity can be powerful tools in marketing, but these tools scare many companies. How to take some creative risk but not get yourself in hot water? Saul Colt has a history of memorable marketing moments and he’s here… Read more »

The 4 Buckets of Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns – Jennifer Spivak

Are you struggling to attract new customers using Facebook Ads? While most businesses are seeing customer acquisition costs go up on Facebook, there is another approach that can help you really connect with your ideal customers. Facebook Ads expert Jennifer Spivak shares her four bucket approach to messaging in ads that has attracted new business… Read more »