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The Latest Changes in Local SEO – 2020 – Darren Shaw


The Latest Changes in Local SEO - 2020 - Darren Shaw

Every business wants to rank high with Google, that’s a no brainer. But what are the top ranking factors that really matter, that will help to get you the top spots? Aside from the obvious things like links, mobile-friendliness and page speed, what are some other factors that rank most for SEO, and pass the ever-changing Google algorithm test?

Darren Shaw, Whitespark founder and local search guru, advises you to start with claiming and optimizing your Google My Business profile. Invest your time here and worry less about citations. These days it’s more about conversion optimization than it is about ranking optimization. And never underestimate the power of reviews.


The 3 Mistakes Companies Make with Content Marketing – Rich Brooks


Content marketing is about creation, curation, & channels - Rich Brooks

Yes, we’re back. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s funny because early on during COVID I was 8 – 10 guests ahead, and because that was such a long lead time I started not taking on new guests.

But the funny thing about 8 – 10 guests is that after 2 – 3 months, you’re all out of guests!

So, I fired up the engines and started looking into bringing in a fresh selection of high-quality digital marketers, but scheduling headaches and a couple of last minute cancellations due to conflicts caused about a month of downtime.

We’ve started up interviews again, and my plan is to have a great interview next week with Darren Shaw about the just released Local SEO rankings guide. But for this week, I’ve got one of our “flyte school” minutes with John Paglio, our in-house SEO expert, and then I’ll be dipping into the virtual mailbag.

I had planned on holding off on John’s mini-interview until our next guest, but I’ve fielded a couple of great questions this week from clients, and I thought we could talk about them in this episode. To round out the episode, I thought my conversation with John would fit in perfectly.

John and I are talking about SCHEMA…a slightly nerdy, slightly technical aspect of SEO, but if you’re looking to gain an edge on your competition at Google, this is the type of nerdiness you need to know. Let’s check it out…



YouTube Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Works Better for You? – Aleric Heck


We’ve all seen business ads pop up in our Facebook feed every day, and you’ve probably scrolled right past a majority of them. But what about leveraging YouTube to advertise your business, products and services? Aleric Heck of AdOutreach has done just that, helping innumerable business reach over 8 figures in sales using the YouTube ads platform.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a pro with the best equipment. The big thing is just getting out there and getting the message across. YouTube already supplies the benefits for you to take advantage of such as a reach of 1.3 billion users, expansive targeting abilities to allow you to find just the right audience using specific keywords, placement, and categorizing by user interest. Also, consider that YouTube users spend more time on the platform. That’s just more opportunity for someone to see your face and products. And if you’re wondering how much a YouTube ad will cost you, well, no worries there because you won’t get charged unless your video as is viewed and not “skipped”. All of this proves that there’s no better time to start creating YouTube ad videos than right now!