Amanda O’Brien is Speaking at The #AgentsOfChange Conference

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Amanda has been working in marketing for over 12 years. She caught the digital marketing bug in 2006 and has been helping businesses use the internet to market themselves since then. She has been the host and organizer of Social Media Breakfast Maine since 2009. She is also one of the co-founders of eighteen twenty wines.

Topic: Creating a Facebook Advertising Strategy  & Measuring Your Success

Everyone is telling you to do Facebook Ads but where do you start? How do you know it is working? How much should you spend? In this presentation, we will walk through creating a successful Facebook Advertising strategy and getting the tools in place to measure its effectiveness.

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Adam Barker is Speaking at The #AgentsOfChange Conference

PPC Wiz Adam BarkerFounder of Spectacle Marketing, Adam is an SEM expert with a focus on helping B2B companies. He’s sat client-side as an in-house marketer nearly his entire career for a variety companies in the Boston area, including some of the fastest growing: SmartBear, Continuum Managed Services, Tracelink and WorldStrides. He fully understands what it feels like to be that marketer on an SMB’s small team with a number on their head. He helps clients big and small, managing budgets of $500/mo all the way up to $50,000/mo.

Having a passion for PPC has dovetailed nicely into the launching of his own agency, Spectacle Marketing, where he considers himself the “anti-agency.” He helps clients set up PPC the way he would if he worked there; learning their product, aligning to their business KPIs, communicating to management, and setting up closed loop reporting in their CRM.

His 12+ years in digital marketing also includes SEO management, content strategy, marketing automation and CRM management.

Adam has trained dozens of in-house marketing teams to run their own PPC campaigns. He looks forward to spreading his holistic view of PPC management and helping more and more marketers harness the power of SEM.

 Topic: Rewire Your PPC Brain: Core Principles to Building PPC Campaigns Which Drive Sales Pipeline

 Is SEM underperforming for your company, or have you been too timid to launch? Attend this session….

My best practices have been curated from years of hearing agencies drone on and on about “vanity metrics” when I had bigger fish to fry, driving actual sales pipeline.

I’ll take you through, soup-to-nuts, the core principles I follow to build predictable PPC campaigns. (I’ll be sure to include my best facepalm moments so you can glide past them with grace, as well.)

I have you “Advanced PPCers,” covered as well. There’s a boatload of useful data in your AdWords account of great value to your company (and not just for the marketing team), just waiting to be used. We’ll discuss where it lives, how to pull it and how to use it. You’ll walk away knowing how to use your account to create a “breeding ground” for message testing on an ongoing basis.

Soon you’ll be rising through the ranks of PPC like Jon Snow ascending from Night’s Watch to King of the North, as Winter is coming.

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Jillian Vorce is Speaking at The #AgentsOfChange Conference

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Jillian Vorce at Agents of Change

For almost two decades, Jillian Vorce has been helping professionals make connections to attain their business goals.

An expert at networking and relationship development she has the ability to open doors and create opportunity. Jillian’s trustworthiness and highly positive energy has inspired senior level executives and business owners across the nation. Her previous work includes her first book, 20/20 Mind Sight: Refocus, Reignite and Reinvent Your LIfe From The Inside Out, The TEDx Talk: The Lens Of Connectivity, and the ebook: 9 Steps To Increase Your Professional Network.

 Topic: Unconventional Ways to Use Digital Media to Grow Your Business

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