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Customer Experiences: Create Meaningful Marketing Value that Drives Profitable Outcomes

Marketers have long sought to increase the value of their products and services to tip the scale in their favor, with innovation often being the way. That’s now what consumers expect. And, the truth is, in most industries customers cannot distinguish between the offerings of different businesses or brands, so they naturally fall back on price… Read more »

Using Social Listening to Fuel Content Strategy

Vespa wanted to acquire new customers. The chic, stylish scooter company felt strongly that if they could find people who were just like their current customers, they would have a great shot at marketing their trendy mode of transportation to them. This strategy isn’t uncommon. But what most brands do in this scenario is conduct… Read more »

Beginner’s Guide To Google AdWords

Have you ever said “AdWords Doesn’t Work”? As an AdWords manager and consultant, I’ve heard this phrase more times than I can count. It’s usually a variation of “special snowflake syndrome” where a business owner thinks their business model or their location is unique or special… and that’s the reason AdWords doesn’t work for them. More… Read more »